10 Ways to Use Your Shed For More than Just Storage

A durable backyard shed is a great way to store important items without them taking any extra space in your house. However, you can use this shed for more than just a tool shed and storage.

We know this sounds unconventional, but we are going to list down some alternative uses for your backyard shed area.

Following are the best alternatives to using your shed for more than storage space.

Mini Movie Theater

A few design changes, good quality projectors, a widescreen and you could set up a small cinema in your shed.

You can create the most comfortable theater right in your backyard if you plan it carefully. You can set your favorite furniture additions, make a few paint and placement changes and the rest will fall in place.

However, you need to pay attention to how big your theater will be. You can use online tools to determine the ideal cinema space or take advice from a professional planner. Make sure to add velvet drapes, stand-out seats to add the perfect accessories.

A Playhouse

This is something you want to consider if you have kids. Creating a playhouse out of a well-built shed is a great idea. There are various details such as a porch, gingerbread touches, interesting color scheme, etc, that you can add. These simple upgrades will turn your shed space into the perfect safe space for your kids to play in.

A Dog House

Your pet dog’s comfort is just as important as yours. However, it becomes difficult to provide ample space for pets in the house. Fortunately, you can easily turn your backyard shed into a fully functional dog house.

It will not only provide your pet with ample space, but will also protect it against the scorching summer heat, or the cold winters. Additionally, ensure the house has a sliding door to avoid rotting, peeling, termite damage, flaking, and several other complications.


You can create the perfect greenhouse or potting shed in your backyard by changing your backyard shed with some basic structural changes.

You can add your favorite plants in the greenhouse, upgrade the roof with glass to allow sunlight to pass, ensure your plants get sufficient amounts of water and exposure.

You may need to swap off some panels from the roof for sunlight exposure, but all that extra hard work will pay off. Fiberglass would be an excellent option for better light passage.

Backyard Bar

A backyard bar would be ideal if you love hosting parties, and will look great in a backyard especially if you set it up with a wooden theme. The best part is that you can experiment with it as much as you like.

For instance, the bar could look like a classic one, or you can choose various bar themes, depending on what you like the most. For example, most backyards and shed bar projects look great in British Pub looks. You can also create a more colorful look with a tropical bar design look for your bar.

Pool House

A pool is a perfect addition to any home, especially if you live in a hotter region. Pool houses allow homeowners to enjoy a relaxing day outdoors. However, you should always ensure that your pools have a radiant boundary.

This will help keep the heat out of the sun and keep the pool cooler for longer. We also suggest lining the pool with a reflective surface as it will make it look classier.

You can hold pool parties, relax solo or with close ones in the backyard, without a worry in the world.


Raising chickens in homes is a popular hobby. It is great for having home-grown chicken, getting fresh eggs, and having a healthy pass time. However, most homes do not have enough space to keep these chickens.

Fortunately, turning a shed into a chicken coop is one of the best uses for the extra space. However, there are a few things you will need to ensure your backyard coop is well equipped.

First off, make sure your coop has sufficient ventilation and space for the chicken. Next, you need to ensure it has a secure structure to save the chicken from potential predators. These small changes will make the coop much more suitable for the chicken.

Outdoor Kitchen

BBQs are one of the most beloved activities of people across the globe. It is the perfect time to cook delicious foods, spend quality time with friends and family, and much more. However, setting up a BBQ area in your home can be challenging and sometimes dangerous, if you aren’t careful.

The backyard shed has the perfect space to store the BBQ essentials, set up the grill, and host amazing BBQ parties at your home. We still suggest running a water quality test, checking for proper fuel supply and other basics to ensure your BBQ setup is a high quality one.

Office Space

Completing office-related tasks requires peace, and backyard sheds provide the perfect space for it. You can choose between a classic office look and a modern and sleek one, depending on your preference. If you work from home and could use the extra space, this may be a great option for you. With a few upgrades such as insulation, and air conditioning, your home office will help you be more productive every day.

Art Studio

Transforming your backyard shed into the ultimate art studio is pretty easy! Plenty of space to add a work area, add art easels, shelving units and anything else you may need.

Firewood Storage

Soggy wood can ruin your firewood before you know it. This is something you will face if you use wood fuel. However, having a backyard shed allows homeowners to store this extra wood in the extra space and save it from water.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of alternative ways to use your backyard shed area. You can choose everything from creating a greenhouse, a BBQ area, office space, to pretty much anything you want. You just need to ensure your designated project has all the safety and necessities.

Ensure spending sufficient time in planning on how to turn your backyard shed for more than just storage, and you should not have a problem with it. We hope our suggestions are helpful for you and allow you to make the most out of your backyard shed storage place.