5 Reasons to Get Rid of That Storage Unit & Buy a Shed Instead

Aspen Shed MA/NH

We’ve all been there – accumulating possessions until our homes burst at the seams with stuff. It’s a common issue that has given rise to the popularity of storage unit rentals. But are they really the most cost-effective storage solution for your needs? In this blog post, we’ll explore why buying or renting to own a storage shed should be your next move. Say goodbye to the unnecessary expense of renting a storage unit, and hello to your very own spacious and beautiful shed in your backyard!

Reason 1: The Cost of Storage

Spending money every month for a storage unit when the money could buy you a shed of your own. With the cost of rentals ranging from $50 to $300 per month, it doesn’t take long for storage unit costs to add up. Why spend your hard-earned money on a monthly payment when you could put that money towards buying your own shed instead? Even if you opt for financing, you’ll likely have a lower monthly payment and ownership after a few short years. It’s a win-win in terms of affordability.

Reason 2:  The Value of Owning/Renting to Own

A shed adds value to your property and looks good and holds all your stuff! Don’t settle for just a storage unit- invest in a storage shed that not only provides ample storage space but also adds curb appeal to your home. A well-built shed can be customized to match the style of your home or personal taste, ultimately adding value to your property. Plus, no more driving to your storage unit in an industrial complex- you’ll have the convenience of storing your things just mere steps from your back door.

Reason 3:  The Convenience at Home

Convenience of not having to drive and haul items to and from the storage unit. Speaking of driving, how often have you had to make a trip to your storage unit only to realize you’ve forgotten something? Or that one item you need is at the bottom of a stack of heavy boxes, and you need help to get it out? Now that was a waited trip. How frustrating! With a shed right in your backyard, you can avoid the hassle of the never-ending trips to your storage unit. You have all your things at your fingertips with easy access.

Reason 4: Not Just for Household Storage

Not only for storage for household items, but great storage for all your garden and lawn tools. A shed isn’t just for typical storage- it’s also a great place to store your garden tools and even a lawnmower. Instead of keeping these items cluttering your garage or basement, tidy them away in a dedicated space where they are easy to find and easily accessible. And have shelves for all your totes of off season stuff.

Reason 5: Rent to Own is an Investment

If you’ve been paying for a storage unit and making monthly payments for years then think about making monthly payments and having a brand new, beautiful shed on your property instead. You’ll never have anything to show for all the money that you spend on a storage unit. Ever! At New England Outdoor we offer instant approval, zero hidden fees, and low monthly payments, you won’t want to miss out on this easy and affordable storage solution.

If you need a storage solution, look no further than New England Outdoor. We offer easy approvals, low monthly payments, and no hidden fees, making our sheds a cost-effective solution for your storage needs. Not to mention our sheds are built to last, so you’ll have the peace of mind of a high-quality product designed to stand the test of time. We’d love to show you our model options and color choices along with the cost savings of owning your own storage shed vs paying storage unit fees.


Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of renting a storage unit. Invest in your own storage shed today to save money, add value to your property, and make your life more convenient. With the variety of options available from New England Outdoor, you’ll be sure to find a shed that matches your unique taste and storage needs. Don’t waste any more money on a storage unit rental, it’s time to enjoy your very own spacious and beautiful shed in your backyard!