5 Things To Consider When Buying a Gazebo

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Gazebos are the perfect outdoor addition to any home or business and are a great gathering spot for friends and family. Finding the perfect type of gazebo requires some consideration as there are many different options available, each with its own set of pros and cons.

It is important to choose the right materials, size, shape, and design that suits your needs, budget, and personal style. In this post, we will share with you 5 things to consider when buying an outdoor gazebo to help you make the best decision for your outdoor space.


The first thing you need to consider before purchasing a gazebo is what you will be using it for. Will you use it as an outdoor dining area, a place to relax, an area for entertaining guests, community bandstand, wedding receptions, or a combination of some of these? Think about the activities you plan to do in your gazebo, and whether you want a more open or enclosed design.

Here are some common uses:

Poolside Retreat

Hot Tub Oasis

BBQ Kitchen Area

Backyard Shade & Shelter

Weddings & Events

Community Band Stand

Backyard Lounge Area

Dining Room

Screened- In Livingroom

Garden Tea Room

Kids Playroom


The location of your gazebo is also important, take note of where it will be situated in your garden or on your property. Consider the orientation of the gazebo, which way it faces, whether it will get plenty of sunlight or not, and how much protection it will provide from the elements. Make sure to choose a location that provides a focal point and is easily accessible from your home or business.

Also consider how it will look overall within your outdoor space in comparison to your home or business, and how will look from the road. You’ll be adding quite a big structure after all, and you want to make the most of your curb appeal.

Size & Shape

The size and shape of your gazebo will depend on the intended use, location, and available space. Gazebos come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from small to large, oval, octagon, and rectangle. The shape you choose also has an impact on how much interior space you will have, the number of people it can accommodate, stairs or railings may also need to be considered if you will be placing your gazebo on a deck, outdoor patio, or on a wood or concrete base.

Here are general sizes. Custom sizes are also available.

The Octagon Gazebo sizes range from: 6’-16’

The Oval Gazebo sizes range from: 8’x10’-14’x24’

The Rectangle Gazebo sizes range from: 8’x10’- 14’x24’

Materials- Wood Vs Vinyl Gazebo

The materials that your gazebo is made from will also play a role in its overall aesthetic, durability, and maintenance requirements. Wood vs vinyl Gazebos– which is good for you? Consider the pros and cons of each type of material and choose the one that works best for your needs, budget, and aesthetics of your property.

Wooden gazebos are traditional and natural-looking, but they require periodic staining, sealing, or painting to keep them looking new.

Pressure Treated Gazebos are constructed with #1 southern yellow pine for maximum strength and durability. The wood is kiln dried twice, reducing the chance of shrinking and twisting. All lumber is milled on four sides creating a smooth subtle finish.

Cedar Gazebos are identical in construction and style to the pressure treated models but are made with architectural grade western red cedar. Cedar is known for its natural beauty and resistance to decay.

Vinyl Gazebos offer the strength and beauty of a traditional wood gazebo, but they are virtually maintenance-free. No need to spend time sealing, painting, or staining as the durable vinyl material will not fade, crack, rot, or peel.

Vinyl has become a popular choice for busy homeowners who want their gazebo to retain its fresh, crisp new look for years to come.

Custom Details

Custom features can make your gazebo unique and functional for your specific needs. Choose custom features like paint or stain colors, roofing material (metal or shingles), railings & posts, cupolas & weathervanes, custom benches, screens & doors, or flooring options. Think about how you will be using your gazebo and what custom details will add both style and function that works for your space.

Also, you can add electrical outlets for overhead lighting options, beautiful ceiling fans, and the availability to plug in speakers for your favorite music, watch the big screen TV for game night, or add kitchen appliances for cooking and cooling all your BBQ foods. Have fun decorating!


Choosing the right gazebo can be a difficult decision with so many options available and important considerations. However, by considering the intended function, location, materials, size and shape, and custom details, you will be able to find the perfect gazebo that suits your needs and enhances your outdoor living space.

Remember, a great gazebo is an investment that adds value and will last for years to come so make sure to take your time, research your options, and choose the gazebo that is perfect for you. If you’re considering a gazebo purchase in the near future, check out our finance options here at NE Outdoors!