5 Uses for an Outdoor Sun Room

5 Uses for an Outdoor Sun Room

There’s no doubt that a private sun room in your backyard would be an ideal place to spend a summer’s day, but you can do so much more with these small structures than lounge. Here are five ways you can repurpose your outdoor sun room to get the most out of the space

1. Theater
Movie night is always more fun when there’s a twist. Put a TV or projection screen in your sun room, make sure you have plenty of pillows, blankets and snacks, wait till the sun goes down, and enjoy your very own backyard movie

2. Greenhouse

A sun room can be a great three-season greenhouse if you choose a model with large windows on all sides. An ideal greenhouse also faces south and has an interior that can withstand humidity. If your sun room doesn’t have these features and you’d still like some greenery in your life, try making your own terrariums and placing them throughout your sun room for a greenhouse feel.

3. Game Room

If your family has a game arsenal that contains everything from cards and checkers to Settlers of Catan and Cranium, you probably need a place to keep things organized. With just a few shelves, a card table and chairs, and some good lighting, you’ve got your very own backyard game room. If your neighbors get jealous (and they will), you can always invite them over for a match.

4. Office

Was there anything better in school than when your teacher let you work outside? Now that you’re an adult, make this an everyday reality by converting your outdoor sun room into a home office. All you need is a desk, a comfortable chair, and whatever you need to get down to business. If you need extra lighting or a place to plug your computer in, you can always get an electrical kit for your sun room.

5. Craft Room

An outdoor sun room is a great place for crafting because it can be easily ventilated, has natural lighting, and the scenery provides lots of creative inspiration. As an added bonus, you won’t be finding glitter on the floor for weeks after craft night.

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