5 Ways to Enhance Your Pool Area

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On a sweltering summer day, there’s no better place to relax than poolside. The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting that summer 2015 will be hotter and drier than usual in New England, so now’s the time to start making your outdoor pool area the ultimate place to chill out.

Here are five ways you can enhance your summertime hangout, even if you’re on a budget.

1. Plants

Everyone loves a lush surrounding, but there’s a reason most pools have wood or cement decks. Leaves, petals, and debris can clog your pool filter, so be conscious of that when choosing a long-term landscape plan. If you want to add some floral touches to your backyard, the angel’s trumpet, angelonia, lantana, and mandevilla are all colorful flower varieties that won’t wilt in the heat. Bamboo is also a fast-growing, sustainable option that can double as a screen so your neighbors don’t get too jealous.

2. Lighting

From a practical standpoint, you’ll want to make sure walkways, stairs, and doorways are well lit. Cut down on energy use with options like solar-powered hanging or mounted lanterns, or strings of LED lights woven through the top of your pergola. You can also install solar powered pavers in your patio or walkways for minimalist illumination. If you don’t have kids running around, a fire pit adds warmth, light, and a focal point to stone or cement patios.

3. Shelter

Even if you’re the most devoted sun worshiper, there will come a time when you need a break in the shade. Umbrellas are a great option, but only for a portion of your table depending on the time of day. For a bit more shade and an ideal outdoor dining area, consider a gazebo. If you’ve got more space and budget, a pool cabana offers both protection from the sun and a place to change or store furniture or equipment. Contact a Massachusetts gazebo dealer today for a price estimate.

4. Décor

How you style your pool area should reflect your personality, and, unlike more utilitarian spaces in your home, you can really get creative. Start by picking a theme, and try to think outside the obvious boxes of nautical or tropical. You may even just start with a few colors you like, then move on to materials. Rustic materials could include stone, wicker, non-lacquered wood, rope, canvas, or even logs. If you’re going for a more modern feel, look for decorative additions made with marble, travertine, metal, glass, LED lights, or polished wood and stones.

5. Storage

Rafts, noodles, skimmers, and other toys and equipment are essential, but they can definitely cramp your style if you’re going for a certain look. You can customize a small shed to install in your backyard so it meshes with the vibe you’re trying to create, and inside it you can organize and protect all the things you need to keep your pool clean, functioning, and fun.

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