5 Ways to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

New England Lawn Prep Tips

Spring is filled with new growth, rebirth and – of course – warmer temperatures. As flowers start to bloom and trees begin to bud, make sure your lawn is ready for this lively time of the year as well. A little work on your lawn in the can lay the groundwork for a great and green season.

1. Tidy up the lawn 

Once you’re certain that harsh New England snow is gone for the year, it’s time to clean your lawn. Start by walking around the area and looking for any serious damage or debris around the yard. Pick up the big branches and rake the rest. Clear your lawn of everything from leaves and twigs to sand piles left from the snow.

This is also a great opportunity to go into your shed and check on your lawn equipment. Is everything functioning properly? Do you need to restock at all

2. Break out the mower

Once your lawn is cleared of debris, it’s time to cut your grass to a uniform height. While you’re mowing is a great opportunity to look for areas that are dead or damaged.

3. Reseed damaged areas

Unlike cleaning and mowing, you don’t want to reseed areas until it’s warm enough. While reseeding your lawn is optimal in the fall in New England, you can still take care of areas damaged by large snow piles or frequent dog visits. Just seed loosened soil in the bare or dead areas and continue treating and watering throughout the season.

4. Fertilize, weed and aerate smarter

Covering your lawn in fertilizer the second it gets warm isn’t the most effective method of attaining a healthy lawn. Instead, take this time to check on your lawn’s pH level and see if it’s actually ready for fertilizer. Additionally, check for signs of compacted grass and soil or moss growth to see if you need aerating. This is also a great time to look into weed killer options for the whole season. Nip that problem in the bud.

5. Clean up bordering areas

All the time spent on your lawn may be a waste if your garden, shrubs and other bordering beds aren’t ready for the spring. Clean, weed and treat these areas as well to avoid issues spilling over onto your lawn.

Follow these steps and you’ll start the spring on the right foot!

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