6 Summer Shed Must-Haves

NE Summer Shed Ideas

Summer is here! Make sure your shed is prepared to help you with every fun summer activity that comes up.

Spend a little time this year getting your shed ready for the summer. Along with regular use and maintenance, ensure that your shed has all or some of these features so that you’re ready for every warm weather activity.

1. A Great Hose 

Whether you’re watering your garden, your lawn, or setting up a sprinkler for the kids, you’ll need a quality hose. The summer is so short, don’t waste it with a subpar, old hose. Set up a watering station inside or on the side of your shed. Make sure that you have:

  1. A functioning, high quality hose
  2. A hose organizational tool
  3. A container for watering cans and sprinklers

The best option is to get a water hookup when you have your shed installed. This allows you better watering for the whole yard and more fun activities for the kids.

 2. Organized Garden Supplies 

From weeding your garden to ensuring the birds can’t get to your berries, gardening doesn’t stop with spring planting. For the summer, set up a corner of your shed to be a one-stop gardening station. Use shelves and drawers to organize everything from spades to seeds. Store gloves, benches, and everything else in this small area so that when you have a spare 20 minutes to garden you don’t have to spend the whole time looking for your supplies. Include a small bench in this area for plant potting or vegetable gathering.

3. A Barbecue Area 

What’s better than cooking outside in the summer? Consider setting up your grill near the shed for a convenient cooking set up. You can have the grill outside the shed and nearby while having a section of the shed stocked with all the accessories. Hang barbecue tools such as spatulas, brushes, and tongs, keep your spare charcoal or propane dry and nearby, and consider adding a small fridge for beverages and condiments. In no time you’ll have the optimal kitchen away from home for grilling, barbecuing, and charring the best summer foods.

4. Pool Supply Station

If you have a pool, you know that it’s easy to have pool toys and cleaning supplies create a mess in your yard. Use your shed to easily organize and store your pool supplies all year long. Once you organize them all, just bring the containers to a more convenient location for the summer. Keep everything clean, secure, and accessible.

 5. Camp Gear Area

Whether you’re undertaking a backpacking trip with friends or the kids want to set up a tent in the yard, camping is major part of summer for many families. Consider upgrading your shed or workshop to a camp store. Keep sleeping bags, backpacks, camp stoves, and everything else clean, dry, secure, and organized for the moment when you need them.

6. Shed Cleaning Day

One absolute must-have for any shed in the summer is a cleaning day. Pick a beautiful day and take everything out of your shed. It’s a great opportunity to keep your space organized, clutter-free, and free from pests and dust. It also lets you air out your shed a little bit to avoid any mold or mildew. This is also a great time to inspect the roof, the floor and the exterior of your shed to ensure everything is still in great shape. You’ll be glad you did this when you can easily find a clean snow blower in the dead of winter.

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