6 Ways to Use a Pavilion on Your Property

Custimzed Cedar Pavilions New England

Installing a pavilion near your home can help improve your property. Not only do these beautiful and simple structures add aesthetic appeal to your yard, they can also add function and versatility. If you’re looking to get more use of your yard, whether you have 1 acre or 100, a pavilion can be the right answer. Check out six ways that a pavilion can upgrade your property and give you a fun, useful new space.

1. Create a Barbecue Shelter with Your Pavilion

Many homeowners love to grill or barbecue outside. From summer burgers and hot dogs to early autumn vegetable roasting straight from the garden, cooking outdoors in New England is a fun and easy way to prepare dinner for the whole family. A pavilion can even upgrade this experience.

Use a new pavilion to create a designated space for eating and cooking. The roof will allow you shelter from rain or snow, allowing all season grilling and protecting your equipment, while the open structure allows for ample ventilation. Many people choose to install counter space, storage units, a refrigerator and other supplies to make a full-fledged cooking station. In addition to the cooking area, you can also add a dining section for the whole family to chow down and enjoy the yard and the outdoors.

2. Throw More Outdoor Functions Under a Pavilion

From major events such as weddings and anniversaries to backyard barbecues and birthdays, a pavilion provides you with a permanent function space that requires now rentals or time to setup. This simple structure will provide shelter, shade and even a dance floor for every occasion. A pavilion in your yard doesn’t mean that you have to start throwing annual summer parties, but it makes it easier if you want to.

3. Install a Poolside Bar and Lounge

You can use a small or large pavilion to add function to your current pool. From a simple dining space or outdoor cabana, a pavilion changes the way you can use a pool. Many people like to use their poolside pavilions to create bar and lounge space just like you would see at a Caribbean resort. You’ll have a space to grab a cold drink and get out of the sun after a refreshing dip in the pool. It’s also a great option for frequent pool partiers and relaxation aficionados.

4. Soak Up the Lakefront View

Do you have a breathtaking view on your property of the White Mountains? Rolling hills? A babbling brook? A glistening lake? The problem with these great views is they’re often a little offset from the house itself. You can use your pavilion to create a relaxing space with chairs where you can go to soak up the view, read a book or simply relax in solitude. It allows you to expand your land use.

5. Take Advantage of an Outdoor Room

A pavilion is an instant outdoor room. Some use it as a kitchen or cabana, while others install fireplaces and seating for a living room that works most of the year. Get creative and design a comfortable outdoor room that you’ll enjoy.

6. Add a Pavilion Garden Retreat

Pavilions also work great in the middle of your garden. Consider installing a pavilion among the plants in your garden. Add seating and planters on the floor of your pavilion for a true garden retreat. Consider a terrace, hanging plants and a number of other options for a truly comfortable green escape.