8 Benefits Of A Garden Greenhouse

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– How to Save Your Budget & Enhance Your Garden

Gardening is a fantastic hobby that allows you to spend quality time outdoors, gain a deeper appreciation for nature, and improve your health and well-being. And if you want to elevate your gardening game, a garden greenhouse may be just what you’re looking for. A greenhouse is a structure designed to keep plants growing in a controlled, protected environment.

It’s amazing how a simple greenhouse adds so much value to “the-farm-to-table” aspect of eating healthy and growing your own plants for your garden all while saving time and money from shopping elsewhere. Keep reading while we explore the top 8 benefits of having a greenhouse in your backyard garden.

Extend Your Growing Season

With a backyard greenhouse, you can have an extended yearlong growing season, starting earlier in the spring and extending later into the fall. This is because the temperature, humidity, and light levels are regulated, which provides an ideal environment for plants to thrive.

Not only can you start your seeds earlier, but you can even grow root vegetables during the winter months. Starting seed in early spring for all your gardens annual flowers will have you planting pots to decorate your porches and decks and garden beds by late May or after fear of a frost.

Always Have Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

With your own greenhouse you can grow fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, including those that are not available at the grocery store during certain seasons. Some of the easiest vegetable to grow happen to be all the salad fixings. You’ll get to enjoy fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, onion, and peppers with you meal every night.

You can also try your hand at growing strawberries and blueberries which are also fun to eat on a summer salad. Owning a greenhouse helps save money. You can harvest vegetables and fruits whenever you need them, instead of purchasing them from the store.

This also reduces the risk of them spoiling before you can consume them all. Raise your hand if this has happened to you more often than you’d like (giggle).

Expanding Your Variety of Plants and Veggies

Greenhouses provide the perfect setting for growing exotic plants and tropical fruits, which might be difficult to cultivate in your area’s climate. If you live in New England for instance, you’re generally not growing orange trees or lemon and limes. But with greenhouse environments you now can add some more variety to your garden to optimize plant growth.

Growing some exotic plants or southern types of plants is now possible. You can try orchids, Majesty Palm, Amaryllis, Bird Of Paradise Plant, and Zanzibar Gem, among others. Talk about a beautiful looking greenhouse to enjoy spending time caring for your plants.

Grow Your Plants From Seed Saves Money

In addition, greenhouses offer the opportunity to grow plants from seed, giving you more control over your garden’s outcomes. This is especially useful for annuals and vegetables, where you can grow a much greater variety than what’s available at the local nursery.

Greenhouses can be the starting point to an outdoor vegetable garden or flowering blooming annuals. You can start as early as late February in some cases or March through April for many who live in northern climates. Then by late May you can move your annuals and perennials outdoors and vegetable plants can be planted in the ground giving you a huge jump start compared to planting seeds outdoors in May or June.

Stronger Survival Rate Than an Outdoor Garden

Plants grown in greenhouses have a better chance of survival than those grown in outdoor gardens. This is because the controlled environment reduces the risk of exposure to pests, diseases, and harsh weather conditions.

Hence the greenhouse allows for a better survival rate and ability to grow more. You can plant heartier vegetables outdoors like melons, corn and squashes and keep the more fragile varieties in the safe greenhouse, like your tomatoes, lettuce, and berries. And the bonus to that arrangement is that the clever little ground hog won’t be dining on your “fruits of labor.”

Save Money By Not Paying Nursery Prices For Plants

By growing your plants in a greenhouse, you can save money on buying plants from a nursery. You have control over the entire growth cycle, from seed to harvest, which can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

This cost savings is exactly why gardeners adopt the greenhouse for starters. Once you start adding up all the hanging planters for your front porch, the potted plants at ground level for your entryway, then there’s all the plants you’ll want on your deck. Yikes that’s a lot of cha-ching at the cash register.

Your local nursery is using a greenhouse to start seeds and sell them to consumers making a profit. It’s that simple really. That’s where you’ll gain the savings by growing your own, and you’ll also have many more plants in your yard then you would normally be able to purchase.

Control of Microclimate Creates the Ultimate Growing Environment

With a greenhouse, you have complete control over the microclimate, including temperature control, humidity, and light levels, which creates the optimal growing environment for your plants. This means that your seedlings will thrive like never before, without the whims of nature to interfere.

Having this level of control over the environment also means that you can grow a wider variety of plants than you would normally be able to in your region. Greenhouse gardens can easily adapt to an ecofriendly watering system so there is no run off like there would be in an outdoor garden.

Option to Preserve Veggies and Fruit When you Have Increased Production

Finally, greenhouse gardening allows you to have a high yield of produce at once, providing the option to can your veggies and fruit to use later when the harvest is not as plentiful. Unless you plan on staggering the seed growing season a few weeks apart you’ll most likely have a lot of veggies ripen all at once.

What do you do when you suddenly have 30 tomatoes or zucchinis and buckets of green beans ready to eat but you can’t consume that many in time before they go rotten. Outside of giving them to neighbors and friends, you could preserve them for use during the winter months.


In conclusion, the addition of a garden greenhouse can greatly enhance your gardening experience. Not only does a greenhouse provide a controlled and ideal environment for your plants, but it also extends your growing season, allows you to grow exotic plants and tropical fruits, and saves you money.

Greenhouse gardening provides an all-around great way to save your budget and elevate your garden. So, if you have the space and the desire to take your gardening game to the next level, consider checking out some greenhouse designs and start installing a garden greenhouse today.