Aspen Deluxe

Aspen Deluxe Shed Models MA

The Lofty One

Aspen Deluxe comes standard with one 60″ double door with steel sill plate, two windows of any size including shutters, two window trim packages, one 60″ transom window, gable extensions and classic vents.

Like the mountains of the town it’s named for, this shed has some serious height — in the roof, that is.

The steep pitch of the Aspen allows for ample loft storage, leaving plenty of room on the floor for storing yard tools, pool toys, or your ever-growing extension cord collection. Besides maximizing the efficiency of your lawn space, the Aspen is also Nor’easter approved: The snow slides right off.

  • Sizes Available – 8′ x 12′ through 16′ x 30′
  • Wall Height – 6’3” (7’3” & 8’3” Optional)
  • Roof Pitch – 9/12
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Sample Layouts

Sample Aspen Deluxe Shed Layouts

Shed Depth

Peak Height


9' 6.5"


10' 3.5"


11' 1"


11' 9"


12' 6"

Note: These are exterior measurements.

Aspen Deluxe Layout Features Pricing
Aspen Deluxe Layout Pricing