Book Review: “My Cool Shed”

There are endless home improvement and inspiration books out there, but one that stands out in our industry is My Cool Shed: An Inspirational Guide to Stylish Hideaways by Jane Field-Lewis.

It is truly amazing to see all of the ways people design, decorate, and use the almighty shed. The book has great photography and showcases some pretty interesting finds. You can buy the book on Amazon, and do a “Look Inside” to get a good feel for the photos and overall style.

The description on Amazon is:

Building on the success of My Cool Caravan and My Cool Campervan in 2010 and 2011, this follow-up book celebrates the humble and not so humble shed, from artists’ studios to beach huts, and the diverse ways in which owners are styling them. My Cool Shed features 35 sheds, small cabins, garden rooms, beach huts, modern architectural mini masterpieces and other small spaces given purpose by their owners to pursue their hobbies, careers, creative endeavours or just to find some peace and solitude. The book includes high-quality stylish photography to show a wide range of well styled and elegant sheds, cabins, dens and hidewaways in attractive locations. The owners’ stories and accompanying style notes offer insight as well as inspiration. This is not a ‘how to’ book, although a sourcebook will be included, but more of a ‘feel good’ book and provider of inspiration.

Not surprisingly, it has some nice reviews there too. Overall, it’s very well done and a good read for anyone (but especially shed fanatics like us!).

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