Can a Shed Add to Your Property Value?

Can a Shed Add to Your Property Value?

The ideal home improvement serves your immediate needs while also increasing the value of your property in case you decide to put it up for sale later on. For homeowners who need extra storage and want to add curb appeal, a wood shed could be the perfect solution.

Here are some ways in which building a quality outdoor shed can increase the value of your home.

Extra Storage

This is a no-brainer for renters and buyers alike. No one likes a cluttered home, so having ample space to store seasonal items, outdoor furniture, and decor, gardening supplies, and lawn care equipment could be a major selling point.

When choosing a size, consider both your needs and your yard’s capacity. It’s important to have enough space, but don’t overwhelm your outdoor space either. Consult with an expert builder at New England Outdoor to determine your ideal size. Some shed models (such as our Gambrel style) come with the option to have a loft installed, which could be a great solution if your yard is short on square footage.

Curb Appeal

This term will come up frequently during the process to sell or rent your home, and for good reason: It’s the first thing potential buyers will see. In addition to tasteful landscaping and repairs to any external damage, a shed that coordinates with the style of your home (and your neighbors’) is visually appealing.

Building a shed that improves curb appeal may require some strategic placement so that it’s visible from the street. A nicely built shed that just peeks out from behind your home can add intrigue and make the buyer wonder what else your home has to offer.

Outdoor Lounging Space

Some outdoor structures, like the Pool Cabana or Sun Room gazebos, can act as both outdoor storage and a place to relax outside. This is particularly appealing in New England, where you still want to be outdoors in the autumn and springtime but need some shelter to protect from chilly breezes. When compared to the cost of an addition, an outdoor sun room is an inexpensive way to add space to your home.

You have many options when it comes to choosing a shed that will complement your home. Use our Shed Builder to design a custom structure that suits all of your needs.

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