Create the Ultimate Barbecue Shed

Barbecue Pavilion & Pergola Ideas

In summer, autumn, or even in winter, grilling and barbecuing are some of the best ways to prepare dinner. Whether you’re looking to cook for some friends at a backyard tailgate before the big game or prepping dinner for the family, it’s important that you have the optimal set up for your grill and yourself to make the best possible meals.

Aside from the grill itself, the best tool for this can be a great companion shed to store everything you need. That way you can go from having a neat, clean, good looking yard to barbecuing with all the supplies in a matter of seconds. Here are a few tips for creating the optimal barbecue shed.

Think Safety First

A backyard shed can be an excellent tool for anyone who loves grilling or barbecuing, but you have to be smart about it. You cannot operate a grill inside of a shed because of the enormous fire hazard and lack of ventilation. Additionally, you shouldn’t alter your shed with overhang construction to cover the shed for risk of injury.

The best way to have a barbecue shed is to have a grill stored inside and ready to go alongside your supplies, then slide the grill outside when you’re ready to cook and have everything you need within reach.

Think About Covering

If you do want your grill covered so that you can cook in inclement weather without issue, you may want to consider a pavilion instead. These large open but covered spaces can act as a grill shelter as well as a great location for gatherings and meals.

Use a Ramp

Start your barbecue shed with a ramp on the exterior to easily wheel your grill out for each use. You want your shed to help you by making grilling easier and a ramp is the perfect way to start.

Organize Your Supplies

Creating space for your grill and easily wheeling it out of the shed are the most important but ultimately boring aspects of a barbecue shed. Instead organizing your supplies is the most useful and fun part.

  • Create a secure storage area for propane canisters, charcoal or other fuel supplies farther back in the shed.
  • Use a small table with drawers for utensils and tools. You want your spatulas, forks, tongs, cleaning brushes, and other tools organized and within hand’s reach. The table top gives you another handy surface.
  • Hold spices, flavors, and condiments on the door. Use a spice rack or hanging organizer to store everything from cumin to ketchup so you’re ready to season your corn as well as dress your burgers.
  • Focus on finding organizational tools that are functional and stylish. You want to have all your supplies at hand but you also want to create a barbecue atmosphere that this grilling space is your own.

Include All the Comforts

Don’t rough it – your barbecue shed is a place of convenience. In addition to housing all of your barbecue gear outside of the house, you should add a few seating options and possibly even a refrigerator or cooler for some cold beverages while cooking.

Add Decoration

Don’t be afraid to spruce up the space a bit. Your barbecue shed can look like the beautiful shed it is when its closed most days, but when you open it up and take the grill out allow a little flare. Consider adding stringed lights, colorful decorations, stylish storage, and possibly even some fun grilling posters.

Get Creative

There’s no wrong way to create a barbecue shed. If you want to house multiple grills or create a marination station, go for it. The key to a good barbecue shed is that it holds everything you need to grill so that when you want to whip up some barbecue it’s as easy as possible.