Creating the Perfect Backyard Sanctuary

Creating the Perfect Backyard Sanctuary

Don’t let work and other obligations take away from your free time at home. It’s much easier to relax and stop thinking about the to-do’s on your calendar when you have a designated space to kick back – and what better location than your own backyard?

Here are some ways to make your yard into a sanctuary for you and your family.

Eliminate Junk and Clutter

Your first step to creating a relaxing environment should be to get rid of anything taking up unnecessary space. Toss any trash and put yard tools, gardening supplies, and equipment in your storage shed. Keep an eye out for items that you may be able to repurpose. Old pots, chairs, and wooden crates all have creative uses that could make them an asset to your sanctuary.

Create a Comfortable Lounging Area

You can’t have a sanctuary without a place to put your feet up. Choose a spot in your yard – whether you want something close to your door or in a shady, quiet area – and make sure it has a level ground for furniture. If the soil is uneven, it’s pretty simple to install a patio with gravel and pavers.

You may also want shelter from the sun and rain, in which case you should consider a gazebo or pergola. These can protect you and your furniture from the elements while allowing you to enjoy a gentle rain or sunny day without getting wet or burned.

Bring the Elements to Your Backyard

Fire and water have the distinct ability to capture visual attention and calm the nerves, so consider adding some of these elements to your backyard – but remember that safety comes first.

If you want a place to keep warm and toasty, you can go as simple as a stand-alone fire pit or as extravagant as an outdoor fireplace. Whatever you choose, be sure the area around and above the pit is free and clear of debris and flammable items.

Fountains, koi ponds, and wading pools are all great options for a calm touch to your backyard. When deciding which is best for you, consider the maintenance that goes into them as well as the installation.

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