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Raising chickens can be an incredibly enriching and enjoyable experience for your family! Now with our handcrafted chicken coops, you can have the perfect home for your feathered friends, at an affordable price. Enjoy fresh eggs daily and family fun with your high-quality, customizable chicken coop. Our coops come in a variety of styles and sizes, and feature a long list of standard features designed to ensure the comfort and safety of your chickens. Whether you opt for one of our pre-made coops, or let us customize them to meet your specific needs, you can count on a high level of quality at a reasonable price.

Quaker Chicken Coops

Introducing the Quaker Chicken Coop – where style meets functionality in the most charming way possible! Inspired by century-old barn styles, this remarkable hen house series features a distinctive roof line overhang that will make your feathered friends feel like they’re living in the lap of luxury.

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Lean-To Chicken Coops

The Lean-To is a lovely little space saver. It is designed to allow you to set it against a building or wall. Find the size that is right for you.

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Tractor Chicken Coops

Introducing the Tractor Chicken Coop! Keep your flock on fresh grass and nourished with the convenience of easily moving it on to the next spot. This chicken coop offers nesting boxes, wheel barrow handles, and a built-in run…

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We offer a high-end line of quality hand-made wooden chicken coops designed to last a lifetime. Don’t settle for one of those cheap coops that will fall apart after a season. Keep your flock in a safe and secure coop built to keep out predators and protect your chickens from weather and more.

Whether you need a smaller backyard coop for just a few hens or a larger commercial size coop, we have the designs and options you need. We ship our coops across the country! Let’s build the perfect coop!

Chicken Coop Articles from Our Blog...

Investing in a custom-built chicken coop offers a multitude of benefits over pre-fabricated models, particularly in terms of design flexibility, quality, and long-term cost effectiveness. Custom coops can be designed to meet the specific needs of your flock, considering factors such as the number of chickens, breed characteristics, climate, and available space.

Custom-built coops also tend to be of higher quality than their mass-produced counterparts. They are often constructed with superior materials, which can provide better insulation, predator protection, and durability. This not only ensures a safer and more comfortable environment for your chickens, but also reduces maintenance expenses and extends the lifespan of the coop.

In the long run, custom-built chicken coops can be more cost-effective. While they may require a higher initial investment, the savings incurred from reduced maintenance and replacement costs can make them a more economical choice. Moreover, a well-built, attractive coop can also contribute to the overall value of your property.

But perhaps the greatest advantage of a custom-made coop is the freedom to design and personalize it according to your own preferences. You can choose from various designs, materials, colors, and accessories to create a unique and functional space for your chickens. This allows you to fully customize the layout and features of the coop, ensuring that it meets both your practical and aesthetic needs.