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Beauty Meets Functionality in Your Backyard

In the picturesque region of New England, where history blends with modern living, homeowners and businesses search for harmony between utility and aesthetics for their properties. For over half a century, New England Outdoor has risen to meet this demand as Massachusetts’ premier shed builder.

Recognized for its family-owned dedication, New England Outdoor provides custom-built sheds that serve multipurpose roles, from safeguarding your tools and treasures to enhancing your home’s allure.

Experience the New England Outdoor Difference

Choosing New England Outdoor is one decision you’ll cherish every time you gaze into your backyard. Here, custom build translates to a unique combination of your vision and our craftsmanship.

With a vast selection of styles, sizes, and options, your shed can seamlessly match your lifestyle requirements and personal taste. Our customers value space, and we relish the challenge of transforming that space into a well-organized haven through stylish and durable constructions.

More Than Just Storage

While our sheds are quintessential for organizing everything from garden equipment to holiday ornaments, their use doesn’t stop at storage. Imagine a she-shed that becomes your tranquil retreat or a hobby hut where creativity flows uninterrupted.

Think about a home office that brings the serenity of New England’s nature to your workload or an entertainment den where you can host unforgettable backyard BBQs. Our sheds break the standard mold—they adapt to be what you need when you need it.

Customization That Speaks to You

Each shed we craft is a statement of individuality. The quintessential New England character is reflected in the color of the siding, the choice of windows, the design of doors—even the height of the roof speaks volumes about your personal style.

With New England Outdoor, customization is not a mere buzzword; it’s a pledge to ensure that your shed embodies your needs and aesthetics.

If by any chance our extensive catalog does not align perfectly with what you envision, we are always ready to go the extra mile. Custom designing to meet unique requirements is not only offered—it’s encouraged.

Shed Models & Prefab

Add beauty, function, and valuable storage space to your backyard with one of our custom built sheds. We know the value of space and the constant challenge most people face to keep things organized.

We have many storage options that are stylish, durable, and functional, helping you organize your home and garage. Our sheds are perfect for storing gardening tools, pool toys, seasonal decorations, or hobby supplies. They keep your belongings safe, organized, and easy to reach.

You can customize each style, from the color of the siding to the height of the roof and much more! And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, just let us know. We regularly build custom structures and will happily work with you to design exactly what you need and more.

Shop Our Sheds Here…

Chateau- The Starter Shed

The Chateau, one of our most popular styles, is a good place to start. Its classic design, sturdy construction, and budget-friendly sticker price make it a smart choice for those in need of basic, multi-purpose storage.

Sierra- A Modern Classic

When it comes to our sheds, the Sierra is the edgiest of them all—both in style and function.

Line it up seamlessly against a wall or fence or show off its sleek lines in a freestanding location. A favorite among both current and former urbanites, this shed lends itself well to modern uses (the backyard bar you’ve always dreamed of) as well as traditional storage (you know your snow blower needs a new home).

Aspen- The Lofty One

Like the mountains of the town it’s named for, this shed has some serious height — in the roof, that is. The steep pitch of the Aspen allows for ample loft storage, leaving plenty of room on the floor for storing yard tools, pool toys, or your ever-growing extension cord collection.

Besides maximizing the efficiency of your lawn space, the Aspen is also Nor’easter approved: The snow slides right off.

Aspen Deluxe- Serious Roof Height

The steep pitch of the Aspen allows for ample loft storage, leaving plenty of room on the floor for storing yard tools, pool toys, or your ever-growing extension cord collection. Besides maximizing the efficiency of your lawn space, the Aspen is also Nor’easter approved: The snow slides right off.

Gambrel- The Suburban Cowboy

The Gambrel is just as home on the range as it is in your backyard.

Featuring plenty of rustic charm, this shed is perfect for those who have farmhouse style homes (or just wish they did). Like all things down-home, it’s practical too; the generous roof design maximizes available headroom and loft space. Just don’t blame us if you find yourself buying a tractor to put in it.

Quaker- The New England Accent

Inspired by our New England roots, the Quaker shed is designed to stand up to anything.

An extended overhang provides protection from the elements, while the optional 7-foot wall allows for improved clearance. Tougher than a certain record-breaking football team, more reliable than construction on your summer commute, this shed will take you through a lifetime of New England winters and then some.

Ponderosa- The Head Turner

With the Ponderosa, elegance comes standard. As do wooden double doors, acorn hinges, gable extensions, and other attention-grabbing architectural details.

You might even find this shed too attractive for mere storage, in which case it also works beautifully as a guesthouse or studio. Choose between pine or cedar siding and watch as your neighbors peek enviously over the hedges.

Delmar- The Workhorse

The Delmar does it all. Garage, workshop, boathouse…whatever you have in mind, the garage door and standard 7.5-foot walls provide all the space you need.

A new home for that vintage muscle car? Check. Woodworking shop? Sure. Hideout from the kids? We won’t tell. Throw a mini fridge in there and you can work the day away in your own private space.

Grand Delmar- The Ultimate

The Grand Delmar is the ultimate union of utility and style. With 7.5-foot walls and a 9.5-foot roof pitch it’s the largest of our sheds, while the roof dormer and other optional design accents bring style so attractive you’ll want to live in it.

In fact, with a little creative styling and some insulation, you probably could. It’s that versatile. Use it as an extra garage, a guesthouse, or a pool house.

Financing Options

We have several finance options, making it easier than ever to purchase your new structure. These programs provide flexible payment plans, allowing you to choose the option that works best for your budget. Whether you prefer to pay over time or rent to own, you can find an option that fits your needs.

Why Buy Local?

When you opt for a locally built shed by New England Outdoor, you’re not just getting unparalleled build quality; you’re supporting the local economy and receiving the benefits that come with it.

Fast response times, personalized customer service, and intricate knowledge of New England’s weather patterns and terrain make local shed builders like New England Outdoor the wisest choice.

Invest in Lasting Quality

The harsh New England weather demands toughness from its structures, and our sheds are designed to withstand these extremes. Constructed with high-quality materials and fine attention to detail, our sheds aren’t just built— they’re engineered to endure.

From roofs that shrug off heavy snow to sidings that withstand the salty coastal air, each shed is a fortress that champions longevity.

A Shining Addition to Any Business

For businesses, a storage shed by New England Outdoor is synonymous with smart space management. It’s an adaptable asset that can transition from inventory storage to a staff break area, from a workshop to an on-site office. These structures offer privacy, security, and an undeniable charm that could elevate the appeal of any business premises.

The Shed Builders of MA You Can Trust

We hold a strong belief in melding form with function. Our sheds are testament to our ability to create spaces that blend with the New England outdoor, enhancing your property’s visual narrative.

Crafted by local artisans who understand the nuances of custom shed build design, each build reflects the quality and style that can only be found with authentic Massachusetts craftsmanship.

Begin Your Journey with New England Outdoor

Are you ready to add valuable storage space and aesthetic appeal to your home or business? It’s time to partner with the experts in custom built sheds in MA. Take the first step and reach out to New England Outdoor. We are here, ready to listen, design, and deliver beyond your expectations.

Whether you’re envisioning a chic studio, a rugged workshop, or a classic storage solution, we possess the expertise and passion for translating your thoughts into reality.

Amidst businesses who may offer one-size-fits-all solutions, New England Outdoor stands proud as a beacon of customization, quality, and local craftsmanship.

Connect with Us Today and Transform Your Space!

Invest in a structure that complements your New England home or business. With New England Outdoor, you’ll discover that a shed is more than a storage solution—it’s an extension of your living space, a reflection of your personality, and a stroke on the canvas of your outdoor environment.

To begin crafting your custom shed, visit our website or contact us directly. We can’t wait to build something extraordinary for you.

Remember, when you choose New England Outdoor, you’re choosing to Buy Local and support a family-owned business that’s been enriching Massachusetts landscapes for over fifty years.

Custom Shed Builders MA Tailoring Space And Style Gambrel
Custom Shed Builders MA Tailoring Space And Style Sierra
Custom Shed Builders MA Tailoring Space And Style Ponderosa