Design Your Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Montford Custom Vinyl Pavilions Outdoor Kitchen

There is no doubt that outdoor living is all the rage. With the rise of backyard living spaces, outdoor kitchens have become a popular feature in many homes. From simple small outdoor kitchen BBQ setups to fully equipped kitchen and dining areas to outdoor pizza ovens, outdoor kitchens are perfect for entertaining guests and enjoying those warm, sunny days.

Living in seasonal New England has it’s challenges too. Will you be using your kitchen all year long or just seasonal? If you’re planning on going out to BBQ all year, then including a pavilion for your outdoor kitchen is essential to keep out the rain, snow, and hot sun in the summer months. You’ll also want to consider out door heating like a fireplace, and outdoor heaters to help keep you toasty.

But where do you start when it comes to creating the ultimate outdoor kitchen? Here are some essential outdoor kitchen ideas to help you plan and design the ultimate outdoor kitchen for your home.


The first thing to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen is your budget. Are you looking to create a basic BBQ setup, or are you dreaming of a fully functional outdoor kitchen with all the bells and whistles? The good news is that pavilion builders offer financing on structures to help defer some of the upfront costs.

Deciding on your budget will help you to determine the level of features and finishes you can afford. If you already have a durable outdoor BBQ grill or try to incorporate it into your design.

You can always think big but start small if the budget is holding you back. Start with the patio and structure size of your dreams. Utilize your current gas grill and outdoor dining table set, and work your way into countertops, built in fridge, sink etc.

Location and Size

Once you have a clear idea of your budget, you need to take into consideration the function and size of your outdoor kitchen. For instance, do you want it to be located near your house or next to the swimming pool?

How much space do you want for your outdoor kitchen, and how will you use the area? Consider the layout and position of everything, from the sink to the grill to the fridge.

Once you begin laying out your ultimate outdoor kitchen you may find that you still want the area to be larger to accommodate more guests. Remember that it’s really the outdoor kitchen essentials that need overhead protection.

So, you could extend the patio flooring to accommodate more tables for a larger entertainment space and even add an outdoor living space with additional patio furniture.

Flooring Materials

Choosing the right flooring materials is crucial to creating a safe and practical outdoor kitchen. You may want to consider materials such as concrete, patio blocks, or composite decking, depending on your preference, budget, and the style of your home.

You’ll need to think about the overall look and feel you’re hoping to achieve and what kind of durability you need to withstand lots of use and the weather conditions. Visit landscaping companies and review their products and determine which is best for your area.

Electrician and Plumber

If you want a fully functional kitchen, you will need the expertise of an electrician and plumber to install a sink with proper drainage, gas line and adding electricity for all your cooking appliances, fridge and ice maker and outlets. It’s important to have expert advice as electrical and plumbing work in outdoor locations needs to be done correctly to avoid any issues. You don’t want poorly planned installations that become a safety hazard down the line.

Overhead Structure

An overhead structure, such as a pavilion, is a perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. It protects you and your guests from the elements and adds a real sense of an outdoor room and focal point. You can choose from different designs and features such as a built-in fireplace, ceiling fan, or speakers design that suits your style. Outdoor pavilions come in either wood choice or vinyl and can be designed to complement your main house with color choices and type of design.

Pavilions range in sizes from: 10’x10’ to 20’x40’. They can also be customized: From a traditional square or rectangular shape to a Hexagon Bell Pavilion or a Combo Ramada Pavilion that includes a pavilion with an indoor shed style building, great idea for extra outdoor storage.

Kitchen Layout and Equipment

Choose your ideal outdoor kitchen equipment, including counters, cabinets, sinks, and fixtures that are outdoor weather resistant. In your research for products, make sure that all the material is for outdoor use. Products should be crafted of stainless steel, aluminum, or stone or treated countertops.

Deciding on the perfect layout for your kitchen is important. You can work with a designer or hire an architect to create the ideal layout that suits your specific needs.

  • Outdoor entertaining area size
  • Storage space and cabinets
  • Counter space with seating
  • Cooking area
  • Stainless steel grill or grill island
  • Pizza oven
  • Fireplace or outdoor heaters
  • Ceiling fan
  • Built in speakers or TV

Landscape Design

Your outdoor kitchen should be part of your backyard oasis, and landscape design is a crucial part of that process. If your budget allows, hire a professional landscape designer to prepare the ground, level the area, and design the patio in the area around your outdoor kitchen. It will be well worth the investment to end up with the perfect space for what you are creating.

You can add greenery, flowers and other plants which can make the space brighter and make it a more enjoyable place to cook and socialize. Walkways are also a good idea to help with wear on your lawn from the main pathway to your outdoor kitchen.

Create a Timeline

Creating the ultimate outdoor kitchen is not going to be an instant process; it takes time. Create a timeline for each step, including purchasing products, hiring professionals, and ensuring that everything runs on track. Having a timeline ensures that you stay on track and make significant progress in building your outdoor kitchen.


Designing an ultimate outdoor kitchen can be a fun and creative process. Consider your budget, location, and size, and don’t skimp on the essential features like flooring, plumbing, and electrical installation.

You can always customize the overall design to suit your specific needs, such as adding a pavilion or landscape design to the area. Get in touch with our professional team if you need help creating the perfect structure for your outdoor kitchen.