Fall Back on Your Shed

How to dispose of yard waste responsibly

Now that we’ve fallen back, our days are getting shorter – resulting in the need to make sure we’re maximizing our daylight hours. As the leaves start really falling, it’s important to stay on top of yard cleanup and prepare for the colder days.

Head to your shed and pull out your rakes and leaf blowers to clean up all of the fallen leaves on the ground. While you’re out there raking, take the opportunity to assess the grass and make sure your shed is stocked with the fertilizer and weed control necessary for lawn maintenance. Fall is the best time of year for this maintenance – and doing it right will lead to great things in the Spring!

Better Homes and Gardens has an easy guide to fall cleanups that even a novice can do. It includes watering on a schedule, over-seeding, and fertilizing properly. Check out the rest of their fall lawn care secrets here.

Most importantly, remember to have fun while you’re out there. Raking is a great way to get in some exercise with the whole family. And jumping in the leaves counts!

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