Custom Built & Pre-Fabricated Garages New England

New England Outdoor offers a wide range of custom and pre-fabricated garages at affordable prices. Our super fast turnaround will have you using your new garage before most contractors even have them framed!


The Truss Series

The Truss Series Single Story Standard 5/12 Roof Pitch 8′ Ceiling Height No Post in Center DESIGN & PRICE YOUR…
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The King Series

The King Series Garage 1.5 or 2 Story Standard 8/12 Roof Pitch 8′ Ceiling Height First Floor Post in Center…
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The Empire Series

The Empire Series Garage 1.5 or 2 Story Standard 10/12 Roof Pitch 10′ Ceiling Height First Floor No Center Post…
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The 2 Story Series

The 2 Story Series Garage 2 Story Standard 6/12 Roof Pitch 9’3″ First Floor Ceiling Height 8′ Second Floor Ceiling…
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Custom Garage Designs

When you need a bit more than our standard models include, we offer fully custom garage models designed for exactly what you need and much more!

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