Going Gazebo: Wood vs. Vinyl

Creating the Perfect Backyard Sanctuary

People often ask us the same question when thinking about buying a gazebo, “which is better, vinyl or wood?” Well, the answer is not universal – it depends on your specific needs, budget, and desires. Let’s breakdown the two options:

You should go for a WOOD GAZEBO if:

        • You love attention to detail
            • All deck boards are milled at our plant to be smooth and rounded on the edges, ready for bare feet on day one with no splinters or knots. Our railings are each made using three 2″ x 4″ sections for maximum sturdiness, safety, and structural integrity. Additionally, the floor joists are re-milled in our shop for superior fit and the roof is strengthened by double rafters (not flimsy single ones).
            • You insist on quality, but are on a tighter budget
                • Our three layer laminated posts preserve beauty and durability for years without the splitting that commonly (almost always) occurs with solid posts.
                    • Our pressure treated lumber has a limited lifetime guarantee and is impenetrable to termites and fungus.
                    • You want a lifetime guarantee

          You’re more of a traditionalist, or you just like the look

          Our gazebos are made with hand selected, premium pressure treated lumber on the deck, fascia, posts, and frame – the best lumber money can buy.

Maybe you should reconsider if:

    • You are totally anti-maintenance
        • You see, wood gazebos need to be sealed annually with a clear water sealer or stain to keep them looking their best. Left untreated, cedar gazebos will turn a deep, rich gray color over time, leaving your gazebo with a more rustic look — a look that some people actually prefer.

You should go for a VINYL GAZEBO if:

        • You like special touches (like electricity!)
            • Half-moon vinyl braces and top rail are standard on all vinyl gazebos for added elegance. We also offer an electrical package that includes outlet, switch, and fan/light wiring.
            • You insist on quality
                • Top quality heavy-duty vinyl resists chalking and cracking and requires minimal maintenance. Additionally, every floor joist is hand-selected and milled at our shop to precise dimensions, resulting in a smoother floor and greater durability.
                • You want a guarantee
                    • Triple 2″ x 6″ pressure treated floor joists have a limited lifetime warranty against termites and fungal infestation.

          Upkeep? You’d like to do as little as possible, please

            • Maintenance-free vinyl gazebos are great for those looking for all of the benefits of a gazebo without the upkeep. A simple, periodic cleaning with a hose is all that’s needed to keep a vinyl gazebo looking great.

Maybe you should reconsider if:

        • Vinyl gazebos are a little bit more expensive than wooden ones. Although, both options have budget friendly choices and can still be customized to stay within your range!
        • Your number one concern is budget

Both gazebo styles are incredibly well made and come in a range of shapes with a wide variety of customization options. And of course, we’re happy to discuss the gazebo options with you so you can determine exactly what’s best for you!

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