How To Maintain Your Outdoor Structure To Make It Last

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Anyone who owns an outdoor structure knows how important it is to maintain it to make it last. Whether it’s a shed, pergola, pavilion, or gazebo, taking care of it can save you money in costly repairs or replacement down the line. Your outdoor structure is a large purchase similar to your home and should be cared for and maintained the same as your home.

Here are some helpful tips on how to maintain your outdoor structure so that you can enjoy it for years to come.


Sheds are an excellent way to store items and add extra space to your outdoor area, but they require proper care to last. A maintenance check is an excellent place to start, looking for signs of leaking on the roof and inspecting walls and floors for any issues that need repairing.

Check for any insect damage or animals that might be gaining entrance to your interior and provide the proper treatment or repair and seal out any holes where they might be getting inside.

Check for mold and address the situation immediately by cleaning with a bleach mixture. Find what’s causing the mold, water damage, too hot in the summer months, or leaking windows or vents. The repaint or stain the area.

Inspect your windows and vents for possible leaks or seals that might need to be re applied. Check your shingles for any movement or pealing, and repair or replace any sign of leaks.

If you have a metal roof, look for any rust, especially around bolts, windows, and doors. Clean with a wire bristle brush or replace with new. If in doubt, contact your shed builder for advice on replacement or repairs.

Additionally, consider if your shed needs a new stain or sealant or painted again. You can use a pressure washing system or even a garden hose with a nozzle. Trim back any tree branches, fallen leaves that are piled up or that may be touching the shed, causing damage, or scratching the surface.

Pergolas, Pavilions, & Gazebos

Pergolas, pavilions, and gazebos are beautiful outdoor structures made of either wood or vinyl and they will need to be maintained each year to prevent issues and last longer.

For those made of wood, check the roofline for any leaks and inspect the wood for any damage or mold, or rotting areas, or any sign of termite or ant type damage. Inspect where the structure touches the ground or patio area for damage, mold and rotting.

Trim back any tree branches or bushes that are hitting the structure when it’s windy and storming outside. Trees and plants too close can cause mold and mildew from not allowing the wood to dry out after it rains. Make any repairs to problem areas or contact a professional or your shed builder for advice.

Use a pressure washer to clean the structure and then apply stain and sealer if needed. It’s a good idea to inspect your structure with each season to keep on top of any potential problems.

When inspecting vinyl-made structures, check the roof and siding for any damage. Keep trees and shrubs away from the structure, and wash with mild detergent for stains, grease, or dirt before re-painting or changing its color.

Try using a magic eraser for hard to clean stains. Be careful to not use anything too abrasive to scratch the vinyl. If there is any sign of mold, clean the vinyl with a bleach and water mixture.

What’s the Best Season to Paint or Stain

Knowing when the best time of year is for re-painting or staining your structure is essential. Warmer weather is the ideal time, but avoid doing so when it’s raining, too hot, or too cold. Spring is an excellent time to refresh your structure before enjoying the outdoor season.

Check for Damage each Season

Staying on top of issues is the best course of action. Checking for damage and cleaning dirt and debris regularly ensures that you can spot smaller issues before they turn into larger problems. Painting or staining your structure as needed and applying sealant can also prevent further damage. You’ll want to keep your outdoor living spaces free of mold so your friends and family can enjoy the outdoor space for years to come.


Maintaining your outdoor structure can extend its lifespan, saving you from costly repairs and replacements. Doing a regular maintenance check, staying on top of issues, and knowing when to re-paint or stain your structure are essential steps to keep it looking its best. Whether it’s a shed, pergola, pavilion, or gazebo, a little care can go a long way, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor area for years to come.