How to Organize Your Shed in One Afternoon

How to Organize Your Storage Shed in One Afternoon

Whether a gardening workshop where you tend to exotic flowers or a simple storage space for all of your outdoor adventure gear, your shed can serve a number of purposes. But whatever your shed is to you, it’s important that it is clean and well organized.

Here are a few tips to help you get your shed from messy and cluttered to tidy and sorted in just one afternoon.

Start by Cleaning

When your shed is overwhelming and messy, it’s important to start by simply cleaning and sorting. Pick a nice, warm day when you can empty your shed onto the lawn and remove everything.

Sort your belongings into groups of what you want to organize, while removing anything you consider “trash.” Once the shed is completely empty, sweep, wash and clean the inside of the structure.

Plan Out Your Space

Now that you have a clean, empty shed and you’ve narrowed your belongings down to what you want, it’s time to plan. Think about where you want to place everything, what type of functionality you want inside the shed, and where everything will fit. Plan out which belongings you need frequent access to and which you may want to store long-term.

Keep a tape measure handy while you map out the space with a pen and paper.

Focus on Durable Organizational Tools

Organizational tools are crucial for getting your shed tidy, but they need to be durable in two ways. First, they have to last for a long time, operate under the stress you place on them, and survive the elements. Secondly, you have to actually use them. You need to like these organizational aids and find them simple to use every time.

Some of the most popular shed organization options include pegboard walls and related hardware to hold everything from small tools to shovels. Larger yard tools can hang on door hooks too. Water- and pest-resistant rubber tubs can be a great option for loose and smaller materials. Look for rust-resistant metal when it comes to tool boxes, shelving, and drawers as well.

Don’t Be Afraid of Labeling

Once you have the organizational aids, fill everything up and put them in place. From having a defined parking space for your lawn mower to a hook for coiling your hose, giving everything its own location is key. Ensure that everything stays where it should with useful labels. Label the walls, the containers, and even the small drawers for hardware – this is one of the best ways to keep your shed organized.

Unlike a garage or basement, your shed is small enough that you can organize it in just an afternoon. Get started with some of these tips today and start getting the most out of your shed!

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