How to Organize Your Storage Shed

Why Every Serious Gardener Needs a Shed

Whether you’ve got a brand new shed just waiting to be put to use or your current shed looks like someone swung a weed whacker through it, we’ve got the tips you need to get your outdoor equipment in order.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when organizing your shed:

Shelves, and drawers, and hooks – oh my!

Just one look at Pinterest will tell you that there’s no shortage of organizational storage products out there. But before you go spending a fortune on shelving units and fancy hooks, consider some of the items you already have lying around the house, such as:

Glass jars: Mason jars, baby food jars, and pretty much any type of cleaned food jar should never go to waste. Use these to store hardware like nails and screws, as well as gardening supplies like seeds and plant markers. You can even screw the lids to the bottom of a shelf and twist the jars on for easy, visible access, as shown here.

Old bookshelves: Instead of buying new shelves for your shed, see if there are any bookshelves around your house that you could use to store lawn and gardening tools. Use the money you saved and invest in something new for your interior. One caveat: If you’re storing heavy or dangerous tools on the shelves, be sure the shelves are sturdy enough to hold them. You may even need to anchor tall bookshelves to the wall.

Baskets and crates: Old bike baskets, milk and produce crates, and even Easter baskets are great for shed storage because they can be easily attached to walls with hooks, nails, or pegs, and won’t disintegrate as quickly as cardboard. If you don’t like the look of mix-and-match items, a couple coats of spray paint will help tie everything together.

Safety first

There are many items in your shed that you should keep stowed away, and some that you may not want to be so easily accessible. Here is a list of items that should be given special consideration:

Chemicals and paint: You’ll want to keep these higher up in your shed, out of reach of kids and pets. Loft shelving is available as a customization option for your shed. It’s a perfect place to store paint and chemicals, as well as other seasonal items.

Mowers and power equipment: If your mower or tractor doesn’t have brakes on the wheels, be sure to put a wedge under them so they don’t roll. Additionally, weed whackers, chainsaws, and electric hedge trimmers should be put in a secure place out of reach of small hands. If your shed contains these items, you should also put a lock on it.

Sharp or blunt objects: Anything with a sharp or blunt edge should either be securely hung on the wall or placed in a drawer or basket. Avoid putting these items on shelves or in any kind of overhead storage.

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