How to Pick the Perfect Location for Your Shed, Gazebo or Pergola

Plan Your New Shed Construction

If you’ve decided that you could really use a new shed, gazebo or pergola, the next logical decision is where you’re going to put it. It may seem like a simple choice, but there are a number of important factors to take into account.

Know the size of the structure

If you haven’t picked out your new addition, you’ll want to do so before you choose a location. After all, a 6-by-8-foot shed will be easier to place than a 14-by-26-foot gazebo. Plus, having a size picked out will allow you to test out different locations in your yard with stakes.

Consider the terrain

The terrain of your property is another important factor. If your yard is sloped, for instance, you’ll need to level it before placing a structure. Other considerations include what rocks will need to be removed, what tree roots may get in the way, where water will drain, and where your septic tank is located.

Think about weather-related factors

You’ll also want to think about how wind, rain and snow will affect your new structure. For New Englanders especially, Nor’Easters pose a very real threat, so your shed or gazebo should be placed away from big trees that could lose branches in a strong storm.

Don’t forget aesthetics

Naturally, the way your outdoor structure looks in your yard is also crucial. Once you’ve figured out the more technical nuances, consider how your landscaping will accommodate the structure and whether it will be in the shade or sun. The way you plan to use your shed, gazebo or pergola should inform this aspect of your decision.

Once you’ve worked out these factors, you can pick the perfect spot for your outdoor structure. Stake out the area, complete the necessary prep work and then get ready to love your new backyard!

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