How to Protect Your Shed from Termites Rodents and Other Intruders

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Sheds are the perfect place to store all your garden equipment, power tools, and lawn mowers. However, they can also attract a range of pests such as termites, rodents, and other intruders, which can cause damage to your valuables. Fortunately, protecting your shed from these pesky critters is relatively straightforward. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the reasons why they get into your shed and solutions to rid yourself of them and keep them from coming back.


Termites are some of the most destructive pests and can wreak havoc on your shed if left unattended. They thrive in damp environments and are attracted to wood. One way to protect against termites is to make sure your shed is built off the ground to prevent moisture from seeping into the wood. You can also treat the wood with a non-toxic solution such as borax which will deter the pests from invading. If that doesn’t work, you can always contact a professional bug control specialists to exterminate them.

To keep them from coming back you need to repair or replace any wood that has water damage and figure out how the wood got wet in the first place. Check for leaks in the roof and plug them, and at ground level, dig drainage lines around the area that’s getting wet to direct the rain water away from the shed to prevent similar damage from happening again.


Ants are not only annoying insects that can crawl all over your belongings, but they also create extensive underground tunnels that can weaken the foundation of your shed. To get rid of ants, try sprinkling cinnamon or coffee grounds around your shed’s base. Additionally, you can use natural ant repellents such as peppermint oil, vinegar, or soap and water solutions. Depending on the type of ants you can also try ant traps, spaying ant spray. Ants are also very attractive to moisture and wet wood, so replacing damaged wood and fixing the problem of how the wood got wet.


Moths are known for their fondness of wool but will also eat through any organic material including clothes, paper, and books. To keep them out of your shed, make sure you use mothballs or cedar wood to store your clothing items. You may also want to invest in insect screens for your windows to prevent moths and other flying insects from entering the space. If your shed has open ventilation between the roof and the walls, use screens there as well. It’s hard to keep a moth from just flying in when your shed doors are open. Sweeping or vacuuming out your shed can help as well as the mothballs.


Mice are some of the most common rodents that invade sheds. They gnaw through wood and can cause a range of damage to your shed. Using mouse traps is an effective measure, or if you have a cat, allow them to patrol the shed and hunt for any rodents. You should also seal any small gaps and holes where mice can enter. Mice can squeeze there way into the very small gaps, so inspect your shed for holes and gaps and plug them up. Peppermint oil can be used as a deterrent. If after trying those methods and you still have a problem, then you should contact a professional service to take care of the issue.

Squirrels, Birds, Ground Hogs, and Skunks

Squirrels, birds, ground hogs, and skunks are some of the intruders that can damage your shed by nesting and leaving behind droppings. To protect your shed, you can install sheet metal around the perimeter of the shed. Additionally, you can place mesh or netting over any outdoor vents or openings to keep birds and squirrels from entering. Also, avoid leaving food in the shed as it can attract skunks and other rodents. If you see any large holes going under the outside of your shed, it doesn’t help to just fill in the dirt as they will just dig it up again. In this case it’s best to contact your local animal control to remove them safely. If your shed doesn’t have a foundation, then you could dig down all around your shed and add cement blocks to prevent them from digging right under your shed.

Is it Time to Upgrade and Buy a New Shed?

Are you tired of dealing with critters and rodents in your shed? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. Buying a new shed that is solid and, on a foundation, can provide a long-term solution to your storage needs while keeping pests out. With a sturdy structure and secure foundation, your belongings will be safe from inclement weather and unwanted visitors. Plus, a new shed can offer a fresh, updated look to your backyard, adding both functionality and curb appeal. Say goodbye to the headaches of a run-down shed and hello to a durable, reliable storage solution.

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Protecting your shed from termites, rodents, and other intruders may seem overwhelming, but with a little effort, it is not impossible. Follow the above tips to deter pests from entering your shed and creating chaos inside it. Additionally, make sure to regularly inspect your shed and fix any issues promptly to avoid significant damage. By following these simple steps, you can keep your shed well-protected and free from pests.