Keeping Clean: Tips for an Organized Storage Shed

Quaker Sheds

The biggest component for keeping your shed clean is simply keeping it organized. It’s easy to keep throwing things in it, but that clutter is only going to make it harder when you need to find something. eHow has some helpful information for doing a deep clean of your shed, which involves taking EVERYTHING out, reassessing what you actually need, and then bringing things back in (but in an orderly fashion). As for some of the simplest ways to keep your storage shed tidy? Well:

    • To start, don’t fill your shed with stuff you won’t use (this seems so obvious, but it’s the number one culprit for a messy space)!
    • Everything should be in a logical spot – all of your basic tools in one place, your gardening equipment in another, etc.
    • Organize your shed based on what you use most often, and rotate this seasonally (so you can put your rakes in the back in December, but they should be front and center in September).
    • If your shed has smaller items, you need to store them carefully – either put them up on shelves, or use storage containers to keep everything in one place. And don’t be afraid to get a little crafty here – something like a tackle box can be a perfect solution for securing small items.

Do all of these things, and you are guaranteed to have a much easier time accessing the things you need when you need them.

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