Outdoors: Gardening for the Fall

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As we approach the Fall season, it is easy to think gardening season is over. But that certainly does not have to be the case! There is plenty that you can do outdoors in your garden, both to keep it looking great during the season, and also to get work done now that will show through in the Spring.

Focusing on maintenance and soil makes sense for this time of year as well. There is a lot you can do to nourish your soil in the Fall so that it is better prepared for the Spring.

HGTV has some great videos on gardening in the fall – from information on planting a fall garden to other tasks like autumn mulching.

Make sure your storage shed is in shape for the season too – such as reorganizing things so your Fall gardening tools and rakes are the easiest items to reach! Taking just a little bit of time to reorganize on a seasonal basis will pay off later, and ensure your shed stays organized so you get the most out of it.

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