Pergolas: The Unsung Hero of Outdoor Structures

Pergolas: The Unsung Hero of Outdoor Structures

Durable vinyl pergolas are perfect for any climate.

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect fall evening. What do you see? Can you feel the leaves crunching under your feet as you stand up to stoke the campfire? Can you smell the marshmallows starting to melt over the heat? No doubt you can picture yourself warmly wrapped in a flannel blanket swapping stories and laughing with your closest friends.

 It’s chilly outside, so you’ll want some kind of structure to huddle under. But the stars are among the best part of being outside, so you need to make sure your view isn’t obstructed.

 What do you do?

 You add a pergola to this picture-perfect fall moment.

What’s a pergola?

A pergola is a sturdy and stylish outdoor structure meant to add a little more pizazz to your front or back yard. Generally, pergolas stand proudly over a particular outdoor staple, whether it’s your patio furniture or favorite wooden bench.

 Pergola features vary based on the type of structure that looks best in your yard. Looking for a contemporary design to match your newly renovated outdoor walkway? Opt for a vinyl pergola, which is made from sturdy materials that essentially render maintenance unnecessary for this particular style. Need a more rustic feel? A wood pergola pairs well when placed near traditional red brick or built near greenery.

How is a pergola different from a gazebo?

While both pergolas and gazebos can transform your outdoor space from flat to fab, they are completely different structures that serve different purposes. Gazebos are traditionally free-standing, partially (or fully) enclosed structures. They’re more closed off than pergolas, as gazebos have both walls and floors.

 Pergolas are open. They lack those walls, floors and fully formed ceilings that may constrain gazebos. These structures were made for outdoor lovers who just want to experience the open air and absorb all that nature has to offer. Feel the wind, soak the sun, watch the birds – pergolas given an indoor feel to an outdoor atmosphere.

What can I do with a pergola?

The question is really, “What can’t I do with a pergola?” You can get creative with your placement or you can opt for a more traditional style – the open-ended nature of the pergola design gives you the freedom to do whatever you’d like when it comes to pergola placement.

 Hosting that family reunion this fall? Set up your outdoor games, like cornhole or horseshoes, under your pergola to give your attendees a more exciting atmosphere to play in. Want to add a bit more style to your herb garden? Adorn it with lawn ornaments and a freestanding pergola with additional hanging plants.

 Pergola features make them ideal for any kind of gathering, whether you’re just hanging out with friends at the end of a long week or you’re setting up an eating station for your barbecue.

 Check out our pergola gallery to see how customers have implemented pergolas when landscaping.

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