Plan Your Shed Construction Now

Plan Your New Shed Construction

If you live in New England, you’re likely already prepping for the icy sting of winter. You should be loading up on flannel sheets, bringing out the winter wardrobe, and – of course – reorganizing your outdoor storage space to bring your winter tools up front. Ideally, you’ve got these resources securely stored in an easily accessible outdoor shed.

Sheds and outdoor buildings are essential fixtures during the colder months. These structures not only protect your spring and summer gardening tools during the chillier seasons, but they also offer a confined space to keep and organize the outdoor tools you’ll so heavily rely upon this winter.

Don’t have a shed? Good news – there’s still time to build one. Whether you want to design your own or choose from more than 50 structures, there are plenty of ways to make sure you’re prepped for the impending ice and snow.

Keep your winter gear organized

Sheds come in a variety of sizes, meaning they can hold an assortment of winter gear. Keep the tools you’ll need most frequently – like snow shovels, ice scrapers, salt spreaders and snow plows – toward the front so you can easily grab them before or after a storm. There’s also plenty of space in your shed to keep your winter sports gear, including skis, snowboards and snowshoes.

New Englanders know that protecting tools is key for ensuring their durability. An outdoor shed can shield your gear from the dangerous effects of snow and ice, which may render your winter tools useless.

Shield your summer staples

But your winter goods aren’t the only things that need protection from the elements. That backyard barbecue, patio furniture set and Patriots-themed cornhole board will be ruined if left outdoors during an ice or snow storm. Instead of saying goodbye to these summer favorites, invest in a shed to keep them covered until next spring.

As the temperature continues to dip, do a complete overhaul of your shed contents by pushing your summer items in the back and bringing your winter ones out front. Be sure to break out the old label maker so you can find your relevant outdoor tools a little bit easier next spring.

Take advantage of the features

Aside from basic storage, sheds can come with features tailored to your specific needs. For example, if you’ve got winter gear with wheels – like that salt spreader – you’ll want a ramp to make entering and exiting the shed a bit easier.

Additionally, each shed comes with reinforced walls and doors, both of which can further prevent winter weather from compromising its components. Roofs, windows and shutters can also be made from a range of sturdy and stylish materials, including aluminum, vinyl, plywood and cedar.

When it comes to structure, your preferences will again dictate the type of shed that’s best for your home. If you want an original model that can easily sit next to a preexisting structure, we recommend the Sierra. Alternatively, if your landscaping lends itself more to an elaborate design, look to the Chateau.

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