Popular Trends In Landscaping That Can Add Value & Function To Your Home

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How Your Landscaping Can Enhance Your Home’s Value

Are you looking to add value and function to your home through landscaping? You’re not alone. Homeowners everywhere are taking advantage of the latest trends in landscaping to spruce up their outdoor space. Read on to learn what the popular trends are and how you can incorporate them into your home.

Organic Gardens

Organic gardens are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who want a sustainable, eco-friendly way to enjoy fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits year-round. Not only do organic gardens create an aesthetically pleasing landscape, but they also reduce reliance on store-bought produce that may contain unhealthy pesticides or fertilizers. Furthermore, growing your own food is a great way to save money in the long term!

Fire Pits & Outdoor Kitchens

Nothing says summer like gathering around a crackling fire with friends and family. Fire pits come in a variety of styles and are a great way to bring warmth and ambiance to your outdoor space. Similarly, outdoor kitchens provide a fantastic spot for entertaining guests or just enjoying some quality time with loved ones without having to go inside. Plus, adding an outdoor kitchen can be a big value add when it comes time to sell your home!

Low Maintenance Landscapes- Convert to eco-friendly landscaping

Low maintenance landscapes have become increasingly popular among homeowners who don’t have the time or energy for intensive gardening projects. This type of landscape usually consists of native plants that require little water or fertilizer and are easy to care for instead of grass that requires maintenance. Choosing drought resistant plants is another great way to reduce water usage while still creating an aesthetically pleasing yard—not to mention reducing water bills!

Install an Irrigation System

Installing an irrigation system is the perfect way to add value and functionality to your home and property. Not only does it provide a modern solution for watering your lawn and landscaping needs, but it can also save you money in the long run as well as requiring minimal maintenance. With an irrigation system, you’ll be able to enjoy lush, healthy landscaping with less effort while saving time, energy, and even water – key elements in preserving your outdoor paradise. Plus, you won’t have to worry about remembering when or how often to water your plants! An irrigation system makes it easy for you to keep up with your landscaping in a more efficient manner without sacrificing the look of your yard.

Add a Water feature       

Adding a water feature to your home or property is a great way to increase its value while creating an aesthetically beautiful and functional focal point. Perfect for backyard gatherings, a trickling water fountain or decorative pool provides a calming atmosphere and the sound of cascading water masks natural garden and street noise. Furthermore, you can use a pond or pool to attract birds, animals, and other wildlife within your own yard! Another bonus of adding a water feature is that it adds visual interest at different times of day and year, becoming especially beautiful when incorporated into night-time lighting schemes.

With so many options available when designing your own personalized aquatic landscape – from sculptural fountains to tranquil ponds – you really can create the exact look that suits both your home, lifestyle, and budget.

Create Backyard Privacy

Adding privacy to your outdoor space can be a great way to make the most of your backyard or garden while also adding value to your home and property. By planning carefully, you can find the perfect way to add some peace and seclusion, as well as creating a special place for entertaining friends and family that will stand out from the rest. Strategically placed screens with attractive plants are one option, or if you prefer something more permanent, a timber fence or brick wall could be just the thing. A variety of materials such as trellis, metalwork, glass, and lattice panels offer even more ways to create an inspirational space which is unique, personal and increases the value of your home and garden.

Adding a Shed or Pergola

Adding a shed or pergola in your backyard is a great way to add value and functionality to your homes and properties. Not only will it improve the aesthetics of your property, but it also offers a safe and secure space for equipment and tools which you could not store inside the house. A shed is perfect for gardening tools, sporting goods, barbecue grills, and depending on its size, lawn furniture, bicycles and more. A pergola on the other hand can be used as an outdoor living space that can give your yard great character. Its span of crisscrossing beams creates an interesting pattern of light and shade that adds architectural interest to any patio or garden area. For a little bit of effort with installation and maintenance, you can enjoy years of beauty from these versatile structures – giving you plenty of bang for your buck!

Adding Curb Appeal

If you’re dreaming of adding value to your home, don’t forget about the importance of “curb appeal” – that is, how attractive and inviting your home looks from the street. Upgrading or replacing old doors or windows increases safety and boosts energy efficiency as well as raising your property’s overall value. Using color and texture with new siding gives you a modern look for off-the-charts curb appeal! Equally important is lawn care—especially during Spring and Summer when everything is in full bloom. Wood decks provide outdoor relaxation areas and even garden sculptures can add a unique touch to draw potential buyers (and guests) in. Ultimately, improving your property by adding curb appeal not only makes it more appealing but also increases its financial worth down the road.

Plant Trees

Planting trees is an easy way to add value and functionality to your home and property. Not only will well-placed trees provide shade for outdoor areas during the hot summer months, but they can also shield your home from harsh winds, improve air quality, and provide a place where wildlife can thrive. Trees are also known for adding curb appeal and boosting the overall resale value of your house. Planting a tree is not just a great investment, it’s a way to show the planet some love!

Install Landscape Lighting                                    

Installing landscape lighting is a great way to add both value and functionality to your home and property. Not only will it help to improve the looks of your outdoor areas, but it can also help boost safety, visibility, and security when out after dark. Plus, with the added ambient light it provides exceptional evening enjoyment. Lighting pathways, patios, trees, and outside structures can also be achieved with strategically placed landscape lighting that will also give elegance to any residential or commercial setting. It’s a great investment that can help make your evening walks more enjoyable for many years to come.


No matter what kind of landscaping trend you choose for your home, one thing is certain: you won’t regret adding value, function, and beauty all at once! Whether you opt for an organic garden or low maintenance landscape, planting trees, or creating a backyard private oasis there is something out there that will fit your lifestyle perfectly. Start researching today so you can start enjoying your beautiful new outdoor space sooner rather than later!