Start Thinking About a Storage Shed for Winter

Start Thinking About a Storage Shed for Winter

Recent news reports are reminding East Coasters that the Old Farmer’s Almanac isn’t necessarily a great indicator of long-term weather forecasts – just as the source predicts an upcoming winter even worse than the last. If there’s one thing we can be sure about, though, it’s that there will be snow – possibly lots of it.

When your driveway and sidewalk are housing feet of snow, you’ll want easy access to shovels, salt, and snow blowers. Lawn mowers and garden hoses standing in the way will only be an annoying obstacle and reminder of better days.

An outdoor storage shed is the best solution to help keep your expensive lawn equipment safe, dry and organized this winter. Whether your needs are small or large, New England Outdoor has a structure to fit your budget.

Simple Storage Shed Solutions

If you just need to store a push mower and some manual tools, a standard Chateau style with pine siding is a practical and durable option that will blend in with the natural surroundings in your yard.

The Sierra model would also fulfill these needs, and has a modern and streamlined look with its single-pitch roof. Use our Shed Builder to see which type of siding looks best on this model.

Seasonal Multi-Taskers

Maybe you’ve got a riding mower in addition to bulky snow removal equipment, in which case you’ll need something a little larger that can be utilized year-round.

The Gambrel model is a great mid-size option with maximum headroom and space, plus it gives you the option to add a loft for additional storage.

If you’re looking for a shed with high doorway clearance, check out the Quaker model that boasts a 7-foot-high front wall and a 15-inch overhang to protect the door and windows.

The Aspen model gives you both form and function, with ample overhead space and trimmed transom windows. Consider adding a gable-side door for easier access.

A Green Thumb’s Dream

People who are serious about having an enviable yard might consider the Delmar or Grand Delmar models to keep their lawn and garden equipment organized and protected from the elements. These models come with an extra foot of wall height, and the Grand Delmar has an even steeper roof pitch with the option to add a dormer. The Delmar models are large enough to store your equipment plus outdoor furniture when winter rears its ugly head once again.

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