Storage Sheds for Sale Near You

In the never-ending quest to declutter our spaces, the advent of storage sheds has been a game-changer for homeowners worldwide. Storage solutions have evolved beyond mere functional enclosures; today’s outdoor storage shed doubles as a design statement, a workshop, or even a personal retreat.

The Homeowner’s Ultimate Guide to Buying a Storage Shed

For those contemplating the acquisition of a storage shed, the options can be as vast as the potential uses.

Assessing Your Storage Needs

Understanding your requirements is the first step to selecting the perfect storage shed for your property. Evaluate the following:

  • Content Volume: What is the quantity and nature of the items to be stored? From motorbikes to lawn mowers and gardening tools, a clear inventory streamlines shed size decisions.
  • Seasonal Changes: Will your storage requirements fluctuate with the seasons? This can dictate whether you need additional climate control measures.
  • Accessibility: How frequently will you need to access the items? Regularly accessed items should be placed in the most convenient locations within the shed.
  • Future Growth: Is there a potential for an increased storage need? Ensure the outdoor shed allows for future expansion or consider a modular design.

Shed Types & Construction

Storage sheds come in a variety of materials, each with its benefits and maintenance requirements.

Add beauty, function and valuable storage space to your backyard with one of our custom built sheds. We know the value of space and the constant challenge most people face to keep things organized.

We have many storage options that are stylish, durable, and functional, helping you organize your home and garage. Our sheds are perfect for storing gardening tools, pool toys, seasonal decorations, or hobby supplies.

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They keep your belongings safe, organized, and easy to reach. You can customize each style, from the color of the siding to the height of the roof and much more!

And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, just let us know. We regularly build custom structures and will happily work with you to design exactly what you need and more.

We build our outdoor structures using only the highest grade materials available on the market. Try our 3d shed builder tool to build, price and customize the storage shed of your dreams! Choose your size, colors, doors, windows, siding and much more. With just a few clicks, your new structure will come to life on the screen.

Looking for sheds for sale near you? If you need a high-quality storage option for your home or office, you have come to the right place. A storage shed is a fantastic solution for creating more storage space on your property.

Size & Placement Considerations

The size and location of your storage shed can have significant implications for functionality and property aesthetics.

Local Codes and Permits

Ensure compliance with neighborhood codes and obtain necessary permits before installation. Contact your local building department for your town. If you need some guidance during the process, contact us!

Distance from Property Lines

Placement proximity to property lines varies by location and should be checked to avoid future disputes.

Foundation Requirements

Depending on the shed type and size, a proper foundation will ensure longevity and stability.

Some homeowners choose to use a concrete slab as the floor of their shed. The slab should be completely level and measured for square. New England Outdoor will email you the dimensions required based on the size of your shed. After the shed is installed, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to secure the bottom plate of the wall to the slab using expansion bolts.

Land Preparation

Leveling the ground and addressing drainage before installation is critical to prevent water damage.

We highly recommend ¾” crushed stone as a base for your shed. The crushed stone area should be 2 feet larger than the perimeter of your shed and 4-6 inches deep. We build the shed in the middle, so you have a 1ft perimeter of stone around the shed for drainage. We do provide cinder blocks and bricks to level and support the shed during installation.

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Design and Aesthetic Harmony

A well-designed shed enhances the visual appeal of your property and can be a stylish addition to your landscape.

Architectural Style

Choose a shed design that complements your home’s architectural aesthetics, whether rustic, contemporary, or classic.

Color and Finish

Opt for a color scheme and finish that harmonizes with your existing structures and outdoor features.

Doors and Windows

The placement and design of doors and windows not only affect functionality but also the overall look and feel of the shed.

Accessorizing Your Shed

Adding useful accessories your shed can enhance both its functionality and personal touch.

Shelving and Organization Systems

Custom storage solutions maximize space and help maintain order within the shed.

Workbenches and Tool Racks

If your shed doubles as a workshop, invest in ergonomic workspace solutions and tool storage.

Lighting and Electrical

For increased accessibility, consider installing lighting and even electrical outlets if you plan to use power tools or appliances.

Security Upgrades

To secure valuable items or tools, think about adding locks, alarms, or even a surveillance system to your shed.

Choosing a Shed Builder

The success of your storage solution hinges on the builder you select. Do your due diligence.

Reputation and Experience

Look for builders with a solid track record within the community and the industry. Check out New England Outdoors team of shed builders.

Portfolio and References

Request to see their past work and seek testimonials from previous customers.

Services Offered

Choose a builder who offers a wide range of services, from customization to delivery and installation.

Warranty and Support

Opt for a builder who offers a comprehensive warranty and after-sale support for their products.


Set a clear budget that includes all costs, from the shed to any necessary building modifications or upgrades.

Financing Options

Explore financing or payment plans offered by shed builders if necessary.

Long-Term Costs

Factor in maintenance, utilities, and insurance in your long-term cost analysis.

The Installation Process

Understanding what to expect during the installation will help you prepare.

Delivery and Timing

Work with the builder to schedule a convenient delivery time and prepare your property for the new addition.

Assembly and Construction

If you’re opting for a do-it-yourself (DIY) shed, follow the manufacturer’s instructions step by step. For professional installation, expect the process to be completed in a day.

Final Touches

Once the shed is installed, personalize it with your organization and design elements for a fully functional and aesthetic space.

Regular Inspections

Schedule routine inspections to check for any signs of wear, water damage, or pests.

Seasonal Maintenance

Prepare your shed for seasonal changes, especially for cold winters or hot summers.

Repairs and Upgrades

Address any maintenance issues promptly to prevent them from escalating into more substantial problems.

Final Thoughts on Storage Solutions

A storage shed is more than a mere structure—it’s an extension of your living space that offers both practical usage and aesthetic value. By approaching the purchase with diligence as prices may vary and creativity, you’re not just buying a shed; you’re investing in your home’s functionality and comfort.

Deciding on the right storage shed involves multiple facets, from practical considerations like size and material to more nuanced aspects of design and integration with your property. By assessing your storage needs, understanding the shed types and construction materials, and taking care with placement, design, and customization, you’ll ensure a gratifying addition to your home that you, your family, and visiting guests can appreciate for years to come.

Remember, a well-chosen and well-maintained storage shed can significantly increase the value of your property, offer a tranquil personal space amidst the hustle of daily life, and, most importantly, provide a secure and organized refuge for your possessions.

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