The 7 Most Important Summer Yard Care Tips

Backyard Maintnence Tips for New England Properties

With the typically unpredictable New England weather, summer is one of the only times throughout the year when you get to really enjoy your yard. Keep your yard looking great and ready to use all season long with these handy tips.

1. Hydrate Your Yard

A healthy lawn needs about one inch of water per week. Whether through rain or watering, ensuring your grass gets this weekly amount can help it stay green and springy.

When there is hotter, drier weather, more water may be needed. In areas where water bans are in effect, consider alternatives such as rainwater catchment systems or other alternative watering methods.

Not all yards have lawns. If you use a more garden-based approach, make sure you know how much water your plants require.

2. Avoid Fertilizer

You should fertilize your lawn before summer starts and right as it begins to end. Fertilizing during the heat of summer is ineffective and won’t help your lawn bounce back from drought. If you’re looking to improve the health of your lawn, consider other methods.

3. Address Problem Areas Quickly

Dead spots from pets and high pedestrian traffic can quickly wear down a lawn and make the yard look bad. The best way to combat these unsightly problems is to act fast. You may be able to fix the damage with chemical solutions that allow the grass to bounce back or cover up the problem with stylish new additions to the yard such as stepping stones.

4. Look for Signs of Summer Pests

From flower-killing fungi and diseases to lawn-destroying insects and weeds, there are plenty of pests that can ruin your yard this summer. The best way to maintain a healthy yard is to be vigilant about these pests and address the issue quickly whether that means pulling weeds or using pesticides. Quick action can help prevent worse problems from springing up next year too.

5. Keep Your Yard Tidy

A messy yard isn’t just an eyesore, it can cause problems too. Unpruned shrubs and bushes can present danger near air conditioning units by interrupting the clean air flow. Overhanging or damaged branches can create risks during windy summer storms. Dead grass “hay” can build up and prevent your lawn from getting the light and air it needs to thrive. Keeping your yard tidy ensures a safer home and healthier yard.

For all of your garden tools and machinery, an outdoor shed is the best option. You can use it as your outdoor workshop and a storage space. It will keep your yard uncluttered and your tools protected from the elements.

6. Care for Your Mower

Mowing the lawn is a key part of proper summer yard care, but if your mower is dull or not working properly, you’ll actually damage the grass. Keep your mower in top shape and your yard will follow.

7. Learn More About Your Vegetation

From fruit trees and gardens to window boxes and bushes, plants are what make most yards come alive. The more you can learn about each species of plant and what it needs to thrive, the better you’ll be able to care for them.

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