Tips for Creating a Trendy Outdoor Kitchen

One of the hottest trends in landscape and yard design this year is outdoor kitchens. These al fresco entertaining areas are so convenient, welcoming and functional that it’s a wonder people didn’t fall in love with them sooner!

Here’s what you need to know about the outdoor kitchen trend and how you can create your own open-air entertaining space.

Outdoor Kitchen Essentials

The premise of an outdoor kitchen is to make entertaining easier. If you’re hosting a summer gathering, you’ll constantly be going in and out of the house to get food, beverages, table settings, and more—so why not just have everything outside to begin with?

If you’re on a budget, you can keep your outdoor kitchen simple. All you really need is a grill, some sort of cooler and storage space. Set up these essentials next to your patio furniture, and you’re in business!

However, some people like to create more extravagant outdoor spaces that optimize convenience with appliances, counter space, sinks, dishwashers and more.

Tips for an Amazing Outdoor KitchenConvinced that an outdoor kitchen would be a good addition to your home? Here are some tips on how to create the perfect kitchen plan for your needs:

  • Shelter Options: Many people choose to cover their outdoor kitchens to protect themselves from the hot summer sun or inclement weather. A pergola is one popular way to enclose your dining area, or you could also go with an awning, umbrellas, or even a gazebo!
    • Low-Maintenance Materials: When designing your space, choose low-maintenance materials wherever possible. Your flooring should be stain-resistant and easy to clean, and any countertops should be weather-resistant, as well.
  • Picking Appliances: It can be tempting to purchase cool, trendy outdoor appliances for your al fresco space, but be realistic about what you’ll use. For instance, if you rarely make homemade pizza, you probably won’t find much use in a pizza oven.
  • Don’t Forget Lighting: One aspect of outdoor kitchens that often gets overlooked is lighting. If you’re going to be cooking and entertaining outside, sometimes at night, you’ll need high-quality lights to ensure the safety of you and your guests.

Winter Upkeep: Finally, if you’re located in New England, you’ll need to consider how your outdoor space will fare during a tough winter. If you invest in nice appliances, it might be worthwhile to have a storage shed where those pricey purchases can ride out the winter comfortably.