What Materials Can Be Used To Build a Gazebo?

What Materials Can Be Used To Build a Gazebo?

Gazebos are elegant and functional structures that provide shelter from the sun and add ornamental flair to an outdoor entertainment space. Historically, Egyptians used gazebos 5,000 years ago to support and protect fruits that were grown on a vine from the sun. Today, gazebos are used for an array of reasons and can be constructed from various materials. We have taken the liberty to list the most common materials used for gazebos so that you can determine which type would be best suited for your budget and space.


This is another lightweight material that can be used for a DIY gazebo project. The thermoplastic composite is cheaper than metal and won’t melt in extreme heat. Vinyl is a low-maintenance material that typically only requires a seasonal cleaning with a hose to keep it looking its best. Vinyl can also be manipulated to look like wood, stone, or brick, helping you achieve the aesthetic appeal that you desire. It is also easier to add extra features to your gazebo with vinyl, as you can wire electricity through the plastic for an overhead fan or light. Heavy-duty vinyl is great for a long-lasting product that won’t chalk or crack overtime. If you want little upkeep at a low price, then vinyl is the way to go.


This is an extremely durable material that is used for gazebo construction. Aluminum and steel are the two most popular metals used. Aluminum is an advantageous material because it’s lightweight, affordable, and can be painted. This is perfect for homeowners that are interested in a DIY gazebo project.

Aluminum gazebo kits often come with a canvas canopy. Steel is a heavier metal that is usually used for public areas that may have to withstand more usage (such as a public park). Because steel is typically used for larger structures, a crane is often necessary to assemble the pieces. It’s more expensive than aluminum, however it is extremely durable and long lasting.


Homeowners who want a more traditional and rustic feel to their landscape typically use wood. Premium pressure and hand-selected lumber is used to create the gazebo, which ensures a long-lasting deck for your outdoor space. The deck boards that are made for a wooden gazebo are usually smoothed and sanded at the edges to ensure that no splinters will hurt anyone that happens to walk on the gazebo with bare foot. Our lumber has a lifetime guarantee – and is also made so that termites and fungus a common concern of homeowners cannot destroy it. Wooden gazebos are often sold at a moderate price level.

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