Where Should My Shed Go?

Investing in a new shed can be a great idea. Sheds give your home extra storage, functionality and can look great in your yard. But for use and style, it’s important that you place your new shed in the optimal location. Follow these tips so that you’ll know where to put your new shed so that it works for your yard.

Think About Function First

Are you planning to build a garden shed? Are your using it for a ride on mower? Are you storing snowmobiles or other tools? Place your shed closest to where you’ll want it when you’re actually using it. Garden sheds should be near the garden; most other sheds should be conveniently close to the house.

Make Sure You Have Clearance

For everything from opening the doors wide to accessing your mower it’s critical that you think about access and clearance for your shed. Don’t locate it too close to fences, trees or other structures that will impede access.

Do You Need Plumbing and Electricity?

If you want to install a hose, lighting, or electrical outlets, it changes where you can put your shed. Putting your shed closer to the house or street will ensure easier, less invasive and less expensive plumbing and electrical work.

Consider the Shed Shadow

Before you pick the location of your new shed, think about the shadow that the final structure will have. Depending on the orientation of your yard and the shed, you may get more shade in certain areas than before. Shadows can be ok for grass or stonework, but it could damage a garden or other greenery.

Think About How It Will Look from Inside Your Home

The storage space and function of your new shed may be the most important aspects, but how it looks matters as well. Don’t just think about how your new shed looks online or in catalog, consider how it will add to your yard design. Try to picture it and its location from your kitchen window before you settle on the location.

Keep It to the Side

Sheds often look and function best when placed against the edge of the property line or a fence. Consider placing your new shed on the side of the yard.

Remember Drainage

Do not place your shed on an incline or at the lowest point of the yard. Consider how rain or snow melt will drain. Avoid placing the shed anywhere where rain can pool, soil gets soggy or the shed will flood. Higher and level land is optimal.

Know the Local Laws

Some cities, towns and municipalities have specific laws or ordinances that limit where you can place your shed. Be sure to look into these local laws to avoid any fines or violations.