Which Style of Gazebo is Right for You?

Which Style of Gazebo is Right for You?

Summer is drawing near, and that means long days spent basking in the warm air and soft breezes. The only thing that could enhance a lazy New England summer is having the perfect outdoor space to relax and entertain guests.

If you want to add to your yard but not necessarily in the market for major renovations, a gazebo is the ideal addition. It’s a great place for an outdoor meal, cocktails at sunset, reading on a sunny afternoon, or even having a small party. Once you decide to get a gazebo, there’s only one problem – which style to choose.

The Classic

The Octagon is the gazebo design that likely comes to mind when you think of the structure. It’s timeless, flawless, and versatile. It’s also on the less expensive end of the spectrum, making it the perfect addition to your backyard if you’re on a budget.

The Family Room

Family Room Gazebos Boston

When the weather’s nice, you’d be likely to find your family lounging in our Oval model. Its size is perfect for a dining table where you can eat, play board games, or just relax and take in the fresh air. The Oval is also one of our less pricey models, so call us to get an estimate on a model with your desired features.

The Party House

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If you love having people over, but don’t love the foot traffic in your home, the Rectangle model is perfect for you. It can also come with an electrical kit, so you can use it to house a hot tub or Jacuzzi, or just put up some lighting. This is one of our moderately priced models, depending on the features you choose.

The Pool Palace

You put a lot of time and care into your outdoor pool, so having a place to change, relax, and store things is icing on the cake. The Pool Cabana has a screened in area for lounging, as well as a covered area for storage and changing into bathing suits. This model is an investment in making your pool area more than just a place to take a dip.

The Three-Season Living Room

If you’re looking for a gazebo that can act as an extension of your home, look no further than the Sun Room. It comes in both Octagon and Rectangle shapes and has walls for privacy, but ample windows to let plenty of sunlight in. You’ll love it for entertaining or relaxing, and the kids will love it for playing and pretending. A Sun Room with the features you want is an investment that adds property value and extra space to your home.

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