Why Adding a Pavilion or Pergola to Your Landscape Designs Makes Sense

Custom Caribbean Pool House Pavilion

 If you’re someone who enjoys spending time outdoors, then you probably know the many benefits of having a beautiful landscape. A well-designed outdoor living space can provide you with a tranquil retreat where you can relax and unwind after a long and stressful day. However, if you want to take your outdoor living to the next level and enjoy your yard even more, you may want to consider adding a pavilion or pergola.

When thinking about landscape design people often include the hardscapes, patios, garden beds etc., but let’s not forget the vertical space of the design. A beautiful structure that not only brings a vertical design element to your outdoor space, but it provides shade or shelter as well as creating an outdoor room-like feel to the space.

Let’s explore the many benefits of these structures, the difference between a pergola and a pavilion and why they make sense for your landscape designs.

Provides Shelter from the Elements

One of the major benefits of adding a pavilion or pergola to your outdoor space is that it provides varying levels of protection from the weather around you. During hot summer months, you can take refuge under the shade of a pergola while basking in the warmth.

A pergola is a structure with a slat style roof that provides some shade while still having some sunlight. Some people opt for adding fabric over the top to add additional shade and a breezy airy look. You can also add a back wall to the pergola for additional privacy and shelter if needed. Pergolas, with their open and airy framework, can be adorned with climbing plants and hanging plants, creating a beautiful green canopy.

On the other hand, during rainy or windy weather, you can still enjoy the outdoors while staying sheltered under a pavilion’s solid roof. Not only does this give you more opportunities to spend time in your outdoor space, but it also protects your outdoor furniture and appliances from harsh weather conditions. Pavilions offer a more defined and prominent structure, serving as a visual anchor in your outdoor space.

A pavilion offers a full roof overhead which really changes the space to become an outdoor room. Not only do they have a roof overhead with a finished ceiling, but you can also add electricity for lights, a TV, sound systems, and ceiling fans which help keep you cool during the hot summer months and help keep the bugs away.

Adds Beauty and Style to Your Yard

Another great thing about adding a pavilion or pergola to your outdoor space is that it can add charming architectural detail and style to your yard. These structures come in a wide range of styles and designs, making it easy to find the one that best suits your taste and preferences. Whether you prefer a traditional wooden pavilion with stone columns, or a modern pergola painted to match your homes exterior, there’s something out there for everyone.

Best of all, these structures can be customized so you can mix and match different components to create a truly unique and personalized outdoor space. From the many styles, size choices, paint, or stain options, you can truly build exactly what you want while matching your homes design. They add dimension to the overall landscape design and outdoor living areas.

You can add a built in fireplace and hearth with a stone wall surround that has firewood storage and a sense of privacy as well. Another add on for your structure is creating a fully equipped outdoor kitchen including durable outdoor counters and cabinets, a mini fridge, kitchen sink and more. Talk about staycation! Adding a structure to your landscaping is a great way to feel like every day is a retreat.

Whether you’re outdoor space is a patio surround by the pool or a backdoor patio for a BBQ area and outdoor dining al fresco, or you want to create an outdoor living room for lounging, having an overhead structure is the show stopper. When compared to a blank patio with outdoor furniture, the pergola or pavilion is essentially an outdoor room, a defined space for furniture placement.

And every view whether from inside the house looking out to anywhere in your yard, you see a beautiful feature, the outdoor room.

Provides Space for Entertaining All Year

Adding a pavilion or pergola to your outdoor space can give you an excellent space for entertaining friends and family. Whether you’re hosting a summer barbecue or just having a few drinks with friends, a pavilion or pergola provides an excellent space for outdoor gatherings. You can use it as a dedicated outdoor dining area, or just a cozy spot to relax under the shade while enjoying good company.

Adding a pergola or pavilion to your backyard can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, but it can also add significant value to your home. While many homeowners may consider adding a pool or hot tub as an attractive addition, the benefits of a pergola or pavilion far outweigh those of these water features.

First and foremost, a pergola or pavilion provides a unique and inviting space for outdoor living. It creates an extension of your home, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature while still having the comfort and convenience of being sheltered from the elements. This is especially beneficial in areas with extreme weather conditions, as a pergola or pavilion can provide shade and protection from rain or snow.

Moreover, a pergola or pavilion can significantly increase the usable space in your backyard. Unlike a pool or hot tub which are limited to specific seasons and only appeal to certain individuals, a pergola or pavilion can be enjoyed year-round by people of all ages. It can serve as an outdoor dining area, a place for relaxation and entertainment, or even as an outdoor sports bar.

Increases Your Property Value

One of the most significant benefits of adding a pavilion or pergola to your outdoor space is that it can increase your property value and make it more attractive for potential buyers if/when you decide to sell. Many real estate experts agree that a well-designed outdoor space can add considerable value to your home.

That means that investing in a high-quality pavilion or pergola can not only enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor space but also provide you with a good return on investment if you ever decide to sell your home.

In terms of value, a well-designed and carefully constructed pergola or pavilion can have a higher return on investment compared to a pool or hot tub. This is because not only does it add usable space to your home, but it also adds an element of luxury and sophistication. It can make your property stand out in the real estate market and attract potential buyers, ultimately increasing the value of your home.

Additionally, maintaining a pergola or pavilion is relatively low-cost and requires less upkeep compared to a pool or hot tub. This is because there are no chemicals, filters or pumps involved. With proper care and maintenance, a pergola or pavilion can last for many years without incurring significant expenses.

While pools and hot tubs are an attractive additions to your backyard If you had to choose between the two a pergola or pavilion can provide much more value both financially and in terms of functionality. With its versatility, durability, and low maintenance requirements, adding a pergola or pavilion to your property is a wise investment that will surely enhance your outdoor living experience and increase the value of your home. But, hey many homeowners have all of the above, and adding the structure is the icing on the cake for the ultimate landscaped backyard.


Adding a pavilion or pergola to your landscape designs can offer numerous benefits that enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor space. Whether you want to have a place to unwind and relax or to entertain guests, these structures can provide the perfect solution. They add value to your everyday life and overall value to your home and property.

So, if you’re in the market to spruce up your yard, consider adding a pavilion or pergola to take your outdoor living to the next level.