Why Every Serious Gardener Needs a Shed

Why Every Serious Gardener Needs a Shed

You test the acidity of your soil to make sure it’s in perfect condition, carefully cultivate your compost heap, and strategically pinch off leaves to encourage growth in your prize plants. But do you have a place to safely store tools, soil, fertilizer, mulch, bulbs, and the plethora of other things you need to keep your enviable backyard in shape?

If this question made your mind jump to an image of your meticulously curated garden supplies scattered among empty paint cans and rusty bikes in your garage, it may be time for an upgrade. Here are a few reasons why you need a custom-built garden shed in your backyard.

Keep your shed stocked with tools to reap a bountiful harvest.

Protect Your Goods

Whether you choose a small, vinyl-sided number or a fancy Nantucket cedar shed, this backyard addition can help you keep your tools rust free and act as an accessible location for bulky equipment like lawnmowers and weed whackers.  You can also keep materials like soil, seedlings, bulbs and fertilizer safe from animals and the elements.  Additionally, a shed is the perfect place to keep outdoor furniture cushions, out-of-season yard decorations, as well as tiki torches and lanterns when not in use.

Organization is Key

Storing garden tools and supplies in a designated area rather than in your garage makes it easier to quickly find what you need in a close-by space. Not to mention there are hundreds of clever ways you can organize your tools using inexpensive materials like pegboards, steel buckets, crates, magnet strips, and even old dressers and bookshelves. Check out these shed storage ideas from Martha Stewart for some inspiration.

A Place of Your Own

It’s natural to want your own space for your favorite hobby, particularly if you have a full house. A neat, well-lit shed can become much more than storage, it can be the place you go to clear your mind and have some quiet time. You can even customize your backyard shed so that it suits your needs. Add or enlarge windows for both reading light and a place where seedlings can grow, or request an extra foot of ceiling space. Other homey additions include window boxes, shutters, and solar light kits.

If you need help working around space or budget issues, give us a call and we can help you figure out the right structure for your needs.

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