Why Quality Matters in Shed Construction

Why Quality Matters in Shed Construction

When properly built, a shed can add value to your home and provide reliable shelter to your lawn and garden equipment. Conversely, a poorly constructed structure can be an eyesore and a liability, even if it’s located in a hidden part of your yard.

Here are some common pitfalls of DIY shed construction and how we can help you avoid them.

Poor Planning

You might think that blueprints are a moot point for building a seemingly simple structure, but having a solid plan in place is key to erecting a lasting shed. Without a carefully drafted blueprint, you’ll probably end up wasting time and supplies having to repair mistakes. Our years of experience in construction have taught us how to efficiently build a quality shed that will last and require very little maintenance.

Not Checking Your Zoning Laws

Some municipalities are going to be stricter than others in terms of whether you’ll need a permit as well as the size of the structure they’ll allow you to build on your property. We can help you navigate your city’s zoning laws so you can avoid fines or – worse – getting into a dispute with your local code enforcement officers.

Skipping The Foundation

Even lightweight structures need a good foundation to withstand the elements. Whether you’ll need to pour one in-ground or lay a foundation with cinder blocks may depend on how big your shed is, what you plan to store in it, and whether the ground tends to freeze where you live. We can assess your situation and efficiently lay the groundwork necessary for a long-lasting shed.

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